You Want Stats

A great google analytics app for android is what every website or blog owner needs to stay in touch with what is really going on with their online content at all times. Having best analytics app for you means having the stats at your fingertips any time you want them, without logging into your computer.

If you are like most website or blog owners, or owners of other online content that can be tracked in google analytics, you are an analytics statistician. You check you stats often because you want to know who is visiting your site, how many visitors you had, or what search terms they used to find you. If you don’t do this, you should. Understanding how you get traffic is the best way to tweak things so that you get more, and that is the point of creating content online - to get traffic.

There are several options to consider when deciding upon a google analytics app to add to your phone. Here are the best google analytics apps for android available for you to choose from.


mAnalytics App for Android AnalyticsWith mAnalytics, a free app, you will get daily statistics for visits, visitors, traffic sources and content, including things like bounce rate, time on site, referrers, which pages were viewed, country of visitors, and the search terms used to reach your site.

Reporting with mAnalytics is simple with the easy to choose today, yesterday, last 7 days, and last month options, or you can customize the date range yourself.

mAnalytics supports multiple websites easily and presents them in a list for you. If you are after basic analytics data, this is a great app that won’t cost you a cent.


DroidAnalytics for Android Tracking of Google AnalyticsIf you really like to view several day’s, weeks, or hours worth of analytics data so that it is all in one view, DroidAnalytics is the app for you.

For just a couple of dollars you can move up to DroidAnalytics, among the highest rated analytics apps on the market. This application supports multiple sites and has a great variety of views that you select from to get the data you need.

You select from hourly, daily, weekly and yearly stats showing your page views, visits, number of visitors, pages per visit, bounce rate, and time on the site. The hourly option is rare among analytics apps so that is a cool feature. The best part about the app is the way the stats are  presented in a chart. This makes seeing the past month, day-by-day, super easy.

For those that really like to watch trends this is a great app. Customizing the timing and frequency of the grid or converting to a visual graph is also easy. Support for other features like keywords, browsers, and referrer is there as well.

Simple Analytics Widget

Simple Analytics Widget for Android Smart PhonesIf what you really want is an analytics smart phone widget that displays your site stats at all times, consider the Simple Analytics Widget. Instead of a full app with pages of data, this simple widget gives you the most basic information without the need to dive into an app.

You will get the number of visits, visitors, page views, and trends day-by-day updated regularly. This is one of the simplest ways to track how your content is doing compared with the same time last week.

The Simple Analytics Widget is free and it’s a great addition. The biggest downside is that the widget takes a 4x1 space on your phone’s home page, so if you want to add 4 of them you will need some space for it.

Analytics Widget

Analytics Widget for Android Google Analytics TrackingIf you really are just looking for a small visual display of how the traffic is going for your site, the very simple Analytics Widget is for you. This is a no-nonsense and small 1x1 widget that is used to view your page views of visits for the day.

Analytics is a free app and it is a great pick is you don’t want to dig into all the details but just want a quick view. The best part about Analytics Widget is that it is a space saver at only 1x1. That means if you have 4 sites it is easy to add 4 instances of the widget to your android phone without using up a lot of space.

You don’t need to open an app and maneuver to different pages, either, since the widget is always sitting there just waiting for you to view it. If you can’t wait for the next update, a simple tap will update the data instantly. If simple is what you want, this is your app.

Which is Right For You?

Which mobile google analytics app is right for you depends on what you really want at your fingertips. If you want to get a free app with plenty of stats, mAnalytics is the choice. For a couple bucks, DroidAnalytics is worth the upgrade. If you just want a widget, the Simple Analytics Widget will give you plenty from your phone’s home page, but if space is an issue you will be happier with the Analytics Widget.

All together, these apps are the best choices in a google analytics app for android.