If you’re looking for gifts for your cute little babies, you might as well look for bright opposing colours, cuddly materials, raised and hanging stuff and relaxing music and sounds. It is also recommended for babies the little busy gyms and play mats where they can kick and tummy tumble any time.

xmas gift baby activity nestCredit: google imagesFun Travel Activity Nest

A very handy and portable lightweight playtime centre is the next best thing for little babies to experience entertainment anywhere. The simple steps of un-zipping and zipping make it easy for simple mommies in setting this comfortable activity centre. By a simple slide of the zipper and laying out the cosy play pad, babies can enjoy popping toy outlets for enjoyable playtime with safe lights, soothing music, and removable baby toys.

Eco-Plush Dollsxmas gift baby eco plush dollCredit: google images

The different cartoon characters available in the market make it suitable for the babies to appreciate the enriching and vibrant colors of the world. The extraordinary cute and soft design of the different versions of eco-dolls is created by bundles of recycled fibres and high-rated yet recycled stuffing. The colors are produced by eco-friendly coloring dyes to give a safe playing environment for your little babies. In addition, some dolls also contain tiny bells that make soothing rattles when shaken to help your baby go to sleep.

xmas gift baby grasping toyCredit: google imagesGrasping Toys

Manipulation and control is the best thing for babies to develop their motor abilities. Utilizing a toy to promote swivelling, pivoting, twisting and rotating actions of babies’ hands is a great idea especially. The charming design of most grasping toys, often supported by hardwood segments, makes it a fascinating aspect of fine motor development for your child with the possibility of exploring different toy configurations.

Little Organic Rattlesxmas baby gift organic rattleCredit: google images

Promoting sound appreciation to your babies is the next best thing with cute little rattles. Some designs and versions are made up of organic materials to give that fun and safe play time environment.

xmas gift baby activity toyCredit: google imagesActivity Toys

With a bunch of different designs and editions of activity toys, babies can develop their sense of inspiration and exploration. Some toys expect the baby to push some balls into little holes, while letting them pound with their safe toy hammer and repeat. Other involves the use of safe rounded blocks and let babies find the right opening in a cube to let them fit it in.

Ring Tossxmas gift baby ring tossCredit: google images

For those babies who’ve already developed a sense of fun during bath time, they can then turn it into a learning carnival with the use of this learning toy. Many versions sometimes include a sprinkler to offer that relief feeling while playing. A method of relaxation and fun is the best thing to let babies enjoy their time in or outside the water.

xmas gift baby bumper bookCredit: google imagesBumper Books

The best toy to promote sound and light is the different editions of the bumper books. Some include a variety of stimulating and soothing music. Others have an accordion-like folding action to include a friendly touching interface. With the amount of simple patterns and images that babies can appreciate, the advanced graphics of the other parts of the books give a two stage development for sensory sharpening of babies.