In looking for Christmas gifts for toddlers, one must remember their developmental milestones to find that perfect and suitable gift this holiday.

Since most one to 3-year-olds are generally active and creative, most of their talents involved fortifying their fine motor coördination, showing off their independent actions and exploring the concept of art and creativity. There are many toddler boys out there whose taste in gifts are easy to find. Gift-finding for them is much simpler than growing toddler girls. At this age, boys would like any stream of ball games – baseball, football, basketball, name it. Instead of ball games, one might also find Frisbees and flying discs as a suitable plaything for them. Just keep in mind, if toddler boys can play and have fun with it while going wild at the same time, you’ve got the jackpot gift.

Commonly suggested toys for toddler boys are those that involve outdoor presence and promote extensive motor movements.

xmas gift toddler boys trikeCredit: google imagesKid Tricycles/Bicycles

There are many versions of tricycles and bikes out there modified for this age group. The system of balance and freedom is given much attention as modernized editions already were released to the market. The unique designs match the balance promotion and stability of the ride. In order for the toddler to enjoy and be safe at the same time, the lightweight materials used to create this gear toy makes it easy for them to independently transfer around the play area and handle them easily.

 Kid Handle Carsxmas gift toddler boys handle carCredit: google images

If toddler boys don’t appreciate much the two-wheeled system of classic transportation, maybe they just need to double up that feature. Many promoters already have released kiddy car versions of various automobile brands and names. The materials used in creating these miniature rides can be judged as safe and eco-friendly at the same time due to its naturalistic and organic content. The design also creates a comfortable independent way for the toddler boys to mobilize and transfer their play car.

xmas gift toddler boys mini toy tracksCredit: google imagesMini Toy Tracks

In order to wake up there sleeping manly spirit inside, toddler boys can enjoy and have fun with speed at even a young age. Changing various race track designs of different editions of toy tracks around the market makes it suitable for toddler boys to create many methods of play. Some have a variety of car designs and shapes. There are those that even feature motorized versions with musical accompaniment.

Ride-On and Rockersxmas gift toddler boys rockerCredit: google images

For those little kids that are quite shy or afraid at first to try outdoor car or bike toys, rockers and indoor ride-on are here to serve their purpose. With the different eye-catching variety of classic designs, even outdoor kids will be stunned by this. Giving importance to balance and stability is imported from the simple outdoor car design by the rock-on/rocker combination. Even through indoor learning, they will also have fun. There is complete freedom and guaranteed safety at the same.