If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for your cute toddlers, make sure to realize that they have heightened sense of mobility and imagination already as compared to their earlier baby forms. Toddlers are now eager to increase the capacity of their newly discovered hand-to-eye coördination and independence. They may also develop their artistic talents. Thus, gifts that promote creativity, imagination, construction and feat are most applicable to this age group.

Commonly, these girls may not discover their early state of femininity. Thus, it is definitely not quite easy for you to just pick up any Christmas gifts not right to them such as pretend jewelry, dresses or makeup. They will gladly deny such since they will have no feeling of acknowledgement and importance from you.

There are types of toddler girls which are the active ones. They tend to do more outside activities. Single playing instruments, backyard games and motion toys will make her fond of it any time. It is truly the perfect chance to develop her sense of reaction time and playfulness at the same time.

There are also other age-appropriate toys out there for toddler girls.

xmas gift toddler girl eco-artCredit: google imagesEco-art Materials

Many have already developed eco-friendly papers and crayons for children. Not only it is considered safe to play with, the natural and organic materials give an extensive appreciation for the toddler girls to nature.Showing importance to recycling and creativity is generally emphasized by this great holiday gift.

Rattling Blocksxmas gift toddler girl rattle blockCredit: google images

These toys may only be proper for children age 2 years and up. There is a lot of rattling block sets out there and they are also made of eco-friendly materials. These types of toys promote creativity development as toddler girls can imagine they’re future houses and settling.

xmas gift toddler girl rumble tumbleCredit: google imagesToy Rumble and Tumble

The unique designs of this one-of-a-kind toy will generally make your little girls stare at it first like crazy. When played with, the rumbling and tumbling action of each toy pieces makes it a learning experience for the child to develop hand mobility and creativity from fine motor movement.

Dress-Up Toysxmas gift toddler girl dress up toyCredit: google images

Various cartoon characters in big plush doll appearance makes it suitable for little girls to enjoy them in a special appearance. Some characters seem as performers or musicians and have features of producing sounds and outstanding music when manipulated. The sound and music appreciation promoted by this toy can deeply involve little toddler girls too.

xmas gift toddler girl shape sorterCredit: google imagesShape Sorter

A very classic toy, it promotes shape appreciation with fine motor development. The timeless design of wooden animal block sorter can definitely make somebody reminisce about this toddler gadget. Many features brightly colored pieces that fit so to their designated coloured slot. The removable lid makes it easier for toddler girls to pick and match all over again. The materials used are definitely safe and playable.

Picker Popperxmas gift toddler girl picker popperCredit: google images

This is a very tricky toy for little girls out there. The feature of this toy is to let the child launch ballets from the shooter by pushing a button.  Suddenly, some versions may include automated functions of picking the ball at the same time it shoots. It is definitely a very shocking yet appealing game.