This year a list was made for the best Christmas gifts of 2009. The list for best Christmas gifts for newborns was numerous. Everyone knows that selecting the best Christmas gift for your newborn or crying nephew is more than finding a magic object that will change it's soiled nappies, feed him and rock him to sleep. It's not about the best device to shut him up either.

To get the best Christmas gift for your niece or nephew, it might be a good idea to talk to the parents first so you can find out what supplies they are running low on, and to ensure that your not buying a Christmas gift that the child already has. At this age, the best Christmas gift is one that both the child and pare would appreciate.

The best Christmas gifts for babies are often the ones that aid and encourage mental and physical development. Of course it is obvious that the best and logical Christmas gift would be clothes, bottles, cot and the rest but there are more exciting and unique products available.

Here is a list of the most popular baby gifts of 2009.

The first best selling Christmas gift is 'Baby's First Blocks from Brilliant Basics'. Ten brightly coloured plastic blocks in a bucket invite endless sorting, filling and dumping, it encourages eye-hand co-ordination and learning to identify different shapes. The container box has a handle, which makes it easy to carry and is one of the best Christmas gifts a baby can receive.

'Sleep Sheep from Cloud b' was awarded National Parenting Council's Seal of approval, nominated best Christmas gift 2007 along with a number of other industry awards. The ultra soft Sleep Sheep would be the best Christmas gift as it is very cuddly and has a range of five soothing sounds, which helps to calm a restless child. "These include a heart beat (like mother's), a quiet stream, spring showers, ocean waves and harmonious whale sounds." A great audio and tactile pacifier, which helps to block relieve stress unfamiliar, disturbing sounds. "A very good travelling aid." The best Christmas gift for mother and child as it works in favour of both.

Described by retailers as the best Christmas gift since Christmas pudding, the "Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes" is a top seller. This is equivalent to a baby's version of an MP3 player with extra features. It also entertains with colourful lights, which display on the screen making it on of the best Christmas gifts of 2009. An opportunity to introduce the little son, daughter niece or nephew to the baby-friendly versions of some of the greatest classical music ever played, such as Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi and Rossini. This is the best Christmas gift for music lovers. It comes with a large button allows the baby to make its way happily through 7 classical melodies.