Every year millions of people decorate for Christmas. And every year after Christmas a majority of those people struggle to store their lights, ornaments and artificial trees in a way that actually protects them for the following year. I mean lets face it packing all those odd shaped and bulky items back into their original boxes is next to imposable. Not to mention trying to store ornaments, especially the fragile glass ones can be quite nerve racking since they never seem to fit into anything properly. But really it doesn’t need to be this stressful and worrying about how you are going to store your most memorable Christmas decor safely can be a thing of the past. In the last few years there have been some excellent Christmas ornament storage containers made available to the public as well as containers made for storing lights and artificial trees. If finding proper storage containers sounds like something you would be interested in please read for some great ideas.

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Containers

When it comes to storage issues ornaments are probably the biggest culprit being that they areChristmas Ornament Storage Box small and typically fragile. Wrapping them with individually and storing them in plastic totes is always an option but this is very time consuming and not always the safest approach. A better option is something like the Christmas Ornament Storage Box by Snapware Corp. This plastic see through container comes with three snap together trays with each tray having cardboard dividers that will hold up to twelve ornaments. When completely assembled the unit measures 13”L x 13”W x 14”H and the top lid has a convenient handle for easy handling. The retail price for this style of container is about $25.

Now if that sound nice but doesn’t really fit your tastes then you might be interested in the luxurious three-tier Keepsake Ornament Storage Chest by Sterling Pear. This is about the best collectables storage chest you will find anywhere. The inside is covered with a black velveteen lining and the bottom of each tray is padded to give even your most fragile ornaments a plush environment to be stored. Each tray has its own removable dividers to allow you to customize the size of each space for a perfect fit. The outside dimensions of the box are 20”L x 15”W x 13.5”H with two of the individual trays measuring 3.5” high and the third being 4.5” high for slightly bigger ornaments. In total the chest will hold up to fifty ornaments. Now with the quality of this product it is much more expensive than the plastic model mentioned above and retails for up to $250 but can be found online for around $160. This might sound like a lot but if you are an avid collector of rare and precious ornaments it is well worth the cost. Plus how many other storage containers do you know of that look so nice they can be left out in the open and used as a decoration. I’m thinking not that many. Or if really having a hard time finding the right gift for someone special the Keepsake Ornament Storage Chest also makes a nice gift. 

Keepsake Ornament Storage Chest
Amazon Price: $189.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2016)

Best Christmas Light Storage Containers

Christmas lights have got to be one of the most aggravating of all the decorations especially The Christmas Light Co. 92435-00600-012 3 Holiday Storage Reels in a Bagwhen you start talking about icicle lights. For years I stored our lights in one of two things a trash bag or a plastic tote. The trash bag had two disadvantages one being I had to be careful not to drop the bag because it would break the lights and the other being the wad of lights that came out the next year was all imposable to untangle. And the tote wasn’t much better. So a couple of years ago I bought a set of Christmas light storage reels with a zip up bag. I found them in the clearance isle at Lowe’s for like five bucks so I figured I didn’t have much to lose if I didn’t like it. Well it work really good on short strands of lights with small bulbs but that’s about it. So the next year I started looking for a bigger reel but couldn’t find one made for lights so I used the next best thing which was one that was made for extension cords. After all that is basically what Christmas lights are. The reel I bought was the Bayco K-100 150 Foot Cord Reel and it works great for all types of lights. And in many ways it is much better than the reels that are specifically made for lights. For one it has a built in stand that allows me easily wind and unwind the lights. Second it costs less than $10 and third I can easily fit two or three in a big plastic tote for easy handling. So if you are like me and have struggled with storing your lights you should really consider giving the Bayco reel a try.

Bayco K-100 150-Foot Cord Reel
Amazon Price: $9.49 $6.93 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2016)

Best Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Containers

Now for most people one of the biggest and bulkiest items you will be storing away after Christmas is the tree. And as convenient as artificial trees are when it comes to decorating they can be equally inconvenient when it comes time to hide them until next year. Like with many of the other decoration using giant plastic tote is always an option but after a few years it never fails the lid stops staying on and tote starts cracking all over the place. So what are your other options? Well what my family started using a few years back was a Christmas tree bag like the Household Essentials 6032 Christmas Tree Bag. This bag measures thirty inches in diameter by sixty inches long and is made of a strong, durable and tear proof polyethylene tarp material. It’s big enough to hold larger trees and costs less than $20 so if you need to buy two you’re not breaking the bank. But there are many different designs when it comes to tree storage so you will definitely to look around a bit.

Household Essentials Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Green Trim
Amazon Price: $16.99 $9.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2016)

One other design you might like if you have a smaller artificial tree is the Santa’s bags Rolling Tree Dolly Storage System. This storage container has a built in dolly which makes it a lot easy to move from place to place. They claim that it will hold trees up to nine feet but if you read any reviews you will find that a large round tree will just not fit.

Santas Bags Rolling Tree Dolly Storage System, for 6 to 9-Foot Trees
Amazon Price: $99.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 12, 2016)

So as you can see there are many options when it comes to storing your Christmas decorations.  Some are cheap and some are expensive but what counts is finding the perfect Christmas ornament, lights and artificial tree storage containers you can. Doing so not only saves time but eliminates a few of the frustrations that come with Christmas.