Christmas should be about giving. Unfortunately, so often it becomes a headache as we search for the correct gift at the right price, fighting through lines and crowds. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are any number of websites you can go to and find great toys. And these toys don’t have to cost you a lot of money either. You can give a great gift without spending a fortune. In this economy, being able to spread Christmas cheer without raking in Christmas debt is important.

There are thousands of great items available that are reasonably priced. This article will look at some of the best Christmas toys under $10. These are all cool toys that your kids and family members will love, but that won’t stress you out with high costs.

Lets take a look at 3 of my favorite ones: Webkinz, the Squirting Door Bell and the good old fashioned Snake in a Can that never gets old.


Webkinz. At first these may seem like ordinary stuffed animals. They come in fuzzy fur and have the adorable, blank friendliness that is common to most stuffed creatures. And there are quite a few of these creatures:

Persian cats, yorkies, poodles, and cute pom pom kitties. They are well-known for having a plush comfortable feel. But the real appeal of this toy is not the physical aspect. Each toy comes with a “secret code,” which, when entered into the Webkinz website, allows users to adopt a virtual avatar of their pet.

They can choose its gender, name it, feed it, and, with their supply of virtual cash, deck out the living quarters to match the pet’s style and personality. While you get all this for under $10, they will charge you extra to continue “raising” the virtual pet after a year has passed.

Squirting Doorbell

Squirting Doorbell. While Webkinz can teach your child important values such as responsibility, the next of our best Christmas toys under $10 has virtually no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

None, that is, except for good old-fashioned fun. This toy is a classic gag gift. It looks like a doorbell but when pressed, it squirts water.

This may not be appropriate to leave by your door permanently, but it can make a great practical joke when you are expecting company. If you have friends or family who are practical jokers, they might appreciate a gift like this. The only problem will be that you can’t use it on them first.

Snake in a Can

Snake in a can. Not snakes on a plane, this is another gag gift that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face on Christmas. It’s a classic: open the can and out pops a fake snake.

Again, this is a silly toy, but it makes a great gift for someone you know is a practical joker. They are good for adults, but children, especially tween-agers, just love things like this because it let’s them play around with their friends, and, more importantly, scare the daylights out of their adult relatives, too.

These are truly some of the best Christmas toys under $10. One offers kids a chance to develop important life-long skills like responsibility and intimacy, while the others allow them to joke around with their friends. If you are looking for inexpensive yet impactful toys, these are good places to start.