In our world children are growing up with futuristic appliances that we could never have dreamed of when we were that age. Playing on a game console over the Internet, competing with other players located in their living rooms on the other side of the world–it can all be such an amazing experience.

And it can be expensive, too. Some of the game consoles and peripheral devices and games can retail for intimidating sums of money.

Luckily, along with these expensive, super-advanced toys are cheaper items that children seem to love just as much. If you’re interested in finding out more about these products, keep reading as we take you through some of the best Christmas toys under $20.

Silly Bandz. If ever there were evidence that low-tech goods can still sell, this is it. Silly Bandz are all the rage right now with the younger crowd. Kids wear them, trade them, and fiddle around with them in the car.

They are made out of silicone rubber, which is more environmentally friendly than many of the normal materials used to make these types of toys.

They come in a multitude of different shapes such as animals, alphanumeric characters, and other items from day-to-day life.

They are cheap and plentiful: you can buy a 24 pack of the Bandz for under $5. There are different types and your kids will want them all.

Getting them a few different packs of Silly Bandz is a great way to make them happy and take advantage of one of the best Christmas toys for under $20.

Supersoaker Wars. Remember water guns? You used to dunk them in a sink full of water before you squeezed off a few shots at your friends. You had to get right next to them to have any chance of hitting your target.

Well, things have certainly changed. Those flimsy weapons have long since been replaced by the Supersoaker. Supersoakers have been around for a while and they are terrific toys.

They are massive water guns with powerful (but not dangerous) streams of water that seems to have an endless supply.

Reaching up to 25 feet, and lasting for several shots, this is truly the king of all water guns. There is a variety of makes and models, all for quite an affordable price.

Doggy Hoots Water Bottle Cruncher. Water guns are fun but not everyone likes them. Chances are your dog prefers her water either in a bowl or spilled on the floor. That’s because dogs get a strange satisfaction from chewing on the empty water bottles.

This toy is designed for dogs like that; it covers the water bottle with a durable sheath, turning your empties into fun doggie toys.

It prevents pets from cutting their mouths on the sharp edges that the bottles manifest. These three items are all low-tech, plastic and rubber.

Even so, they can provide untold enjoyment. If you are looking for the best Christmas toys under $20 these are great places to start.