One of the key determinants when buying a Christmas present is the age of the recipient. We all have probably experienced getting a gift for a child and seeing the look of disappointment on their face when they see it. Often this is not because they think it’s an uncool present.

They are upset because we have gotten them something that is too young for them, thus making them feel immature. On the other hand, when we get something that is too advanced for a child’s age, we confuse them and make them feel inadequate. Therefore it is really important to get kids toys that suit their age and abilities.

So what are the best Christmas toys by age? Well, of course the real answer to that question would also need to take into account the personality and style of the individual child. Still, we can generalize, which is exactly what we will do as we look at the best Christmas toys by age.

Boon Odd Ducks. This is one of the best toys for babies. Obviously a toy for a baby needs to be baby-proof, meaning it won’t choke or poison the child when they put it in their mouth. Christmas Gifts(58823)

To be completely sure about a product for young kids you need to know that it has come from a reputable company. Boon fits the bill as a well-run, safe company with a great reputation for making fun, multi-colored toys for babies.

Munchkin Muddy Pigs. Another age where it is crucial to know the reputation of the manufacturers is the toddler age.

At this stage of their development kids are not going to put every single thing into their mouths, but they may put a few in. Munchkin has a great reputation for making safe, durable products.

These kids are in the stage when the are rapidly incorporating the sensory information that goes along with standing up and walking around. These Muddy Pigs are incredibly simple and inexpensive.

You dip them in water to change their “dirty spots.” These are great for younger toddlers, as they will take great enjoyment in the changing appearance of the pigs.

Maxi Kickboard Scooter. We’re going to skip ahead a few years to the six- to eight-year-old range. These kids will absolutely love having a scooter.

The maxi scooter is designed specifically with this age group in mind. It’s shaped with a tri-style, with a single wheel in the back that is matched by two in the front. It is made of durable plastic and provides great stability.

This is definitely one of the best Christmas toys by age group. When you begin to look at the best Christmas toys by age, you see that there are numerous differences and some similarities.

One of the major commonalities between the best toys is that they are made by trusted, well-established manufacturers who take their responsibilities seriously.

If you want to get a product that is not only the best for an age group, but the best for all groups, choose one made by one of these companies.