Anyone who has played with a toddler knows how smart and curious they are. Their brains and peripheral nervous systems are growing at such a remarkable rate, and it is a time of intense development for them.

The top Christmas toys for toddlers all take these developmental stages into account, providing both learning and enjoyment for their young, fecund imaginations. Now, when talking about toddlers, learning doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing that it does for a slightly older child.

Learning for toddlers is achieved by allowing them to make novel connections and experience rather consistent sensory stimulation. In the list of the some of the top Christmas toys for toddlers we’ve included items that will provide young children with enjoyable experiences while stimulating their minds to grow.

Elmo’s Tickle Hands

Elmo’s Tickle Hands. One of the biggest toy fads ever, Elmo hasn’t slowed down after all these years. The Tickle Hands toy takes Elmo’s most familiar characteristics–his laugh, giggles, and voice–and transfers it to a pair of fuzzy gloves.

Children wearing the gloves will feel a vibration and hear the aforementioned sounds, whenever they touch something. This sounds simple but can be used in interesting ways.

There is a DVD that teaches kids how to use the gloves, including how to use them during the Elmo Tickle Hands Grove Dance. This is the learning aspect of the toy, and kids love it.

Sortina Shape Sorting Board

Sortina Shape Sorting Board. There is a strong movement which has at its forefront the environmentally concerned mother. These “green moms” have made an effort to purchase toys that are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind.

This is a great initiative, but it means nothing if the toys aren’t cool. In this case, they definitely are. The sorting board is a two-sided wooden board upon which children can sort various shapes.

One side of the board is designed so kids can sort by shape (pyramids, cubes, etc.) and the other side challenges them to sort by color and shape. Kids love these sorts of toys, and parents like them as well because they slip learning into the children’s minds like in a sneaky way. Since it’s environmentally safe, the board is not only made from wood, but has all natural and safe coloring and finish as well.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. There is quite a bit of hype about the effects of playing classical music for children while they are in the womb. Well, why stop there?

This great toy will allow your child to learn how music works, and to do so in a fun, low pressure way. It can play five different instruments, separately or in unison.

The cube indicates which instruments are playing through blinking lights which match with the beat.

This is a great interactive toy for young children. All of the top Christmas toys for toddlers are interactive and fun. As your children play with them they will not only be having a great time, but also learning new and useful skills.