Austin, Texas

Austin is at the top of the list. In 2011 it was ranked no. 2 just below Washington D.C for the best cities for families to live in. Austin has come on from strength to strength. Thre is so much to do in this place. This is a place of a culture, but it is also a place that both kids and parents will learn from.

No matter what anyone says about Lance Armstrong, there is no doubt, he has done a good job at getting the cycle tracks going and you will see a lot of cyclists out and about as well as other sports. You will never get bored in a place like this. Not forgetting that with all the healthcare available your baby will be in tip top shape. Although, this is a big city, you can always make as if you are somewhere else with the little markets that are scattered about.


Washington D.C

Washington D.C has a history and some amazing architecture that will blow your mind away. It is one of the first stops for all visitors, but the question is will kids take to this traditional city? Well, the answer to that is that it has been voted the number one city so there must be a few good things that families like about D.C.

Maybe it is the National Air and Space Museum or a trip to Gravelly Point Park. The fact that it is so clean and you can ride your bikes around Georgetown is something else to remember. The cherry festival is a great attraction every year and something fun for the whole family to engage in. This is the no. 1 rated as the best cities to live for families.

washington D.C

Boston, MA

If you are looking for an educational experience and want to stay away from the rough side of town then Boston is the place to be. Kids come here to be educated in one of the top schools. In addition to that you will find that the hospitals are not bad either. In fact they measure up to world class standard so that will tell you a thing or two of where this fine city has come ovcr time. After school you can take kids to one of the parks situated around Boston which have been made famous. Some are nice and intimate and others are more community focused with a place to play basketball.


Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is not just about fun in the sun. There is a place to bring up a family away from the polluted environment and maybe you event want to take a deeper interest in green living, spending more time with your kids at the beach. If this is you then maybe you could think of heading this way. Life is more than a beach here.

There is an economy of note, with an obvious focus on tourism and real estate which is also big. With this in place you will find that the state of unemployment is not present. With a low crime rate and a good standard of education you don't have any reason not to think of an option like this.


lots to do

Seattle, WA

Seattle is another place which leans its way towards to a certain amount of culture. This city is especially noted for its literacy. People who are book lovers will head over to this city. Apart from that, you may have heard it being named "the Emerald City" before because of the fact that there is a lot of rainfall. Of course, this would suit the book lovers. When the sun does shine you certainly won't be short of parks to take the kids to and with Starbucks and Amazon around leading the way in Seattle you will never be withoug a job.

Louisville, Kentucky

This is not a favorite for a lot of visitors to the States, but for a family it is the ultimate. With green grass which horses can run around before the Kentucky, it is really something special to see. You are not totally isolated either because this also gives you the feeling of a city vibe. It's not an overly expensive place to settle in so if you are looking for something more budget-friendly, but you are still able to find descent schools then this is a very good choice.