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Are your students talking and procrastinating, when you give them a timed task to do? Frequently, the simple solution works best: a classroom timer can help any teacher to keep the class motivated and working on a task.

Otherwise, when the time is out, many students are not finished yet. Why does that happen? Because pupils can't sense the flow of time, they feel no pressure to concentrate on the intended school activity.

Discover, how a ticker in the classroom can help teacher with the classroom management. Find out, which types of timers prove suitable for different school activities and improve the learning process.

Classroom timer for the exams

You know, that exams create a stressful experience for many students, don't you? When they have no clock to consult and are unable to judge themselves, how long an exam lasts, the event seems even more intimidating.

You could mention the time aloud, but this would distract other students. Checking an ordinary watch helps your pupils to relieve the tension, but a large visual timer showing the remaining time of the test, instead of the current time of the day, aids them most for the pourpose of the stress management during an exam.

Classroom timer for classroom management

When you give a timed task to your students, they feel the pressure and find it easier to concentrate on the activity, when they can notice the classroom timer. Pupils can feel the flow of time, it's not abstraction anymore for them.

When you don't use the ticker at school, some young ones enjoy quarreling with teachers about not having had enough time to finish the task. However, challenging a classroom timer would be foolish and teenagers will avoid making fools of themselves in front of their peers.

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Classroom timer for difficult students

What, if you have students with ADHD, or other behavioral problems? Tests show, that active metronomes help them to concentrate on the lesson better and improve their time management skills.

While the perspective of being attentive during the whole lesson seems scary, children believe, that they can make it for 10-20 minutes. And then, they set the timer again and challenge themselves to maintain the concentration for the next short, timed period.

Classroom timer for early education

Preschoolers often don't sense the time flow like an older kids do. Therefore, they can get restless, impatient and experience a significant distress, when switching to the new type of an educational activity.

Show them a large timer and explain, that current activity will last, till the classroom ticker runs out and then kids will start the next task, which you name before. This way, children are more attentive, relaxed and easier to manage.

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How to choose the best classroom timer?

You can find different types of school clocks on the market and they can serve different goals. A powerpoint classroom timer and other types of timer apps, which can be run on the computer or laptop or projected on the screen, are perfect for an exam, as they are large and visible from afar.

When you choose best the school timer to keep your class motivated, while working on an educational activity, select the one, which lets you tweak the remaining time, without having to reset the timer. You can supplement a large classroom timer with a set of smaller ones, sitting on the school desks. This way, your class takes the countdown more personally and those kids with learning problems have their own educational timers, without feeling singled out by the teacher.

When you use school timer for an early education, kids can have troubles with understanding a standard clock, or the digital one. Therefore, teachers usually pick visual timers, which show the remaining time in a clear fashion, such as a diminishing red zone, or an expanding baloon, which is about to burst. Of course, you can choose a traditional sand timer as well.

However, the best choice is the classroom timer, which is suitable for different class activities and for various student groups. A time timer is a popular model among teachers and parents.

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