Do you avoid working out in public because you're afraid you will see someone you know? Do you go at odd hours of the day to avoid possible run-ins?

Because it's so common to see familiar faces and friends at the gym that you stop and talk to while working out, you want to look like you know what you're doing. Clothes are important in communicating to other people and this fact holds just as true at the gym. If you've been wearing an old raggedy t-shirt with a hole in it, you might think you can get by until you see someone you know and are embarrassed. Do the exercises properly and use these three clothing tips below, then you will look like a natural at the gym.

 Gym SceneCredit: TheNutMan

1. Rely on Black and White 

You cannot go wrong with matching a black or white top with another color bottom, and vice versa. In the gym, black and white clothes are always safe and assist your other piece of clothing. If you can afford new clothes, find a couple of black and white items. These two colors will immediately supplement the rest of your closet. Even a black shirt with black shorts match together, but make sure to avoid the white-on-white combination. Black also makes everyone look slimmer. 

2. Dri-Fit Clothes 

While dry-fit clothes may be more expensive, their worth comes in their durability plus sweat shedding performance. The dri-fit shirts and shorts are designed to reduce sweat, thus making your workout more comfortable. Also, the fabric is very sleek and stylish compared to cotton, which adds to dri-fit's appeal. 

3. Mix Clothing Length

Add diversity to your appearance by mixing the length of your outfit pieces. For example, wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts or pants with a tank top. For males, the sweat pants and tank top look is becoming more and more trendy. For females, yoga pants are super fashionable right now. These contrasting lengths give off a nice look that shows skin in one area of your body and covers up the other.


Use these three workout clothing tips to give yourself confidence that will inspire a better workout. After using these tips, you can focus on the number one priority in going to the gym and that is to exercise. Then start sweating and watch the results come.

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