Co Sleeping is a Healthy and Natural Way To Bond With Your Baby

When my daughter was first born, I was paranoid about having her sleep with me in the bed. I was worried about SIDS and accidentally rolling over on her while we slept.  For the first few months of her life, she slept in the car seat she come home from the hospital in. I lined it with a blanket and she fit snugly in it right next to my bed. This way I could be sure she was sleeping slightly upwards and there was no risk of her choking or suffocating by accident. Since she was by my bed, she could easily see me whenever she woke up so she knows she wasn't alone and that mommy was too far away from her.  I could also be easily awaken if she made the slightest sound because she was right next to me, safely tucked in. 

Those who are not yet mothers perhaps may not understand the need for a mother and child to bond this way.  As a mom, you spend 9 months doing everything possible to make sure your baby is safe, healthy and loved. When she comes out, that feeling just doesn't go away. For many moms in many cultures, leaving your baby in crib in a separate room or even in the same room but far away from you is just not acceptable and not an option. In fact, what we call c0-sleeping in the United States is just a natural occurence in other parts of the world.

As my baby got older, she moved from the car seat to the bed. It was just easier to put her on the breast while I tried to sleep and she fed-especially for those lovely wee-hours- of-the-morning-feedings.  She slept longer and she seemed happier being right up against my heart where she could feel my warmth, heartbeat and touch. At this time I wasn't so concerned about falling asleep and rolling over on her, it just seemed natural and safe. When she first started sleeping on the bed with me, my concern was her rolling off the bed while I slept, so I made my variation of the "Humanity Bed Co Sleeper" simply because I didn't know it existed. Hubby pushed the bed against the wall so she couldn't roll off if I were breast-feeding on one side and then I used a blanket and pillows to make my own co-sleeper if I were breast-feeding on the other side that was exposed and open.

These are a few co-sleepers who have received great reviews.

The Humanity Bed Co Sleeper

Humanity Family Bed Co Sleeping PadCredit: Amazon.comHumanity Family Bed Co Sleeping Pad(61123)Credit:

This is the co sleeper style that I copied without actually knowing it.  The Humanity Bed Co Sleeper is a bed top co sleeper that allows you to sleep in th same space as your baby in a safe and easy manner. This is great for breast-feeding moms.  You can also buy this while you are pregnant because the bean bag body pillow asks as great support for your back and belly. The Humanity Bed Co Sleeper can hold mommy or daddy, baby and another small child and their beddtime friends. It is made of 3 plush layers of organic flannel (cotton) and it is easy to clean.


Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, Green/White

Baby Delight Snuggle NestCredit:

This beautiful co sleeper by Baby Delighty comes in four great fashionable colors: green and white, pink and white, brown and white and blue and white. It plays soothing lullaby music as well as sounds from the womb.  The volume control adjusts up to  5 levels. The mesh liner increases airflow, and reduces heat accumulation. The mesh liner is also designed to be soft and comfy on little baby's skin. The co sleeper comes with a nightlight so you can easily check on the little one as she sleeps. This co sleeper is designed for newborns up to 4 months old.

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper, Colors May VaryCredit: Amazon.comThe First Years Close and Secure Sleeper, Colors May Vary(61170)Credit:
The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper is designed to be used between pillows on an adult bed. This co sleeper is designed with head and foot barriers to lower the risk of baby getting stuck or trapped. It easily folds and stores and is machine washable (both the sheet and the cover). The colors on this one may vary.

Arm's Reach ® Co-Sleeper ® Clear-Vue

Arm's Reach ® Co-Sleeper ® Clear-VueCredit:

The Arm's Reach with Clear View Co Sleeper is a smaller size than the larger co sleepers that rest on the floor. It is more like a bassinet that  uses mini-sized sheets.  The clear view sides allows you to check on your baby without getting up, as you can see right through it.This bassinet co sleeper is recommended by Dr. William Sears and James J. McKenna, Ph.D., both pediatricians and authors.  It is designed to hold a baby up to 23 lbs  or until the baby can pull himself up and kneel.

Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Cosleeping

Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to CosleepingCredit:

Sleeping With Your Baby is a highly recommended book. It is a guide to parents on how to sleep safely with your child.  It is written by James McKenna who is an expert on co sleeping.


Best Co Sleepers For You And Your Baby