It often comes as a surprise to many people that after they have gone out and purchased the best espresso machine they could afford they still can't make great coffee at home. In fact its possible to make terrible coffee with even the best equipment.

There are three main reasons that we fail to make good coffee at home:

1. We don't have the necessary skills to use our equipment properly
2. We are using substandard coffee beans
3. We haven't bought the best coffee grinder we can afford.

I can't help the first of these points, you're going to have to find someone with the required skills as a barista who is willing to impart their knowledge then you are just going to have to practice until you get it right.

Its possible that bad coffee beans are letting down your final product but it shouldn't be too hard a job to find a supplier of a roast that is good enough to please even the most discerning of coffee drinkers.

The part of the chain that lets down most home baristas and which I can help you with is purchasing the best coffee grinder for the money you have available.

First off, you might ask why you need to buy a coffee bean grinder at all, can't you just use pre-ground coffee from the supermarket. The reasons why you shouldn't do this are as follows:

1. The coffee grounds found in the air tight bags on supermarket shelves are obviously not going to be as fresh as the coffee which is freshly ground in your own home. When trying to make good coffee freshness is of the utmost importance.

2. By the time you get to the end of any pack of ready ground coffee the contents will have lost even more of their freshness.

3. Grinding your beans at home will allow you to get a coarseness of grounds which will perfectly suit your home espresso machine. Grounds which are too coarse of too fine will give disastrous results so this is critically important.

Do some research on the Internet and you'll find many grinders that look like they foot the bill and should do the job required. They'll even have reviews by many people telling us how good they are. Most of these coffee grinders will do a reasonable job but if you are looking to get the very best results possible you will want to go a step further than most.

To the very best coffee grinder and therefore the best coffee you'll want to hunt down the most knowledgeable espresso drinkers who will be able to inform you about what are currently the best buys on the market. If you don't have any coffee drinking friends to help you and are looking to buy the best coffee grinder then you could do a lot worse than to research Mazzer grinders which are quite expensive but give outstanding results.