America loves a good comedy, and although it is often the genre that is skipped at the oscars, a good comedy is always a contender at the box office, while a great comedy can become cherished cornerstones of pop culture. If somebody can make you laugh they have almost a preternatural way about them, they have a "Sense" of humor, and invisible force that is the culmination of wit, timing, and pitch that leaves the audience in stitches, acheing for more, laughing in spite of themselves. Here are some of my favorites, with more to come

"the gold rush" 1925

Chaplins most famous film is the one he wanted to be remembered for, and for good reason. Tjis classic silent film stars "the little fellow" characcter, who finds himself in the midst of the klondike gold rush, trapped in a cabin with an excaped convict. this is chaplin in his prime, doing what made him the most famous person in the world in his heyday. If you have a half hour to spare and dont mind watching it on youtube. I strongly recomend this first pick.

"Dr. Strangelove, or, how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb" 1964

Stanley kubriks satrical poke at th cold war is insatiabley clever and witty, and many of the issues that were relevant the are even more relevant now. Starring peter sellers as the ex-nazi compatriot Dr. Strangelove, this film never gets old.

"Dumb and dumber" 1994

1994 was a good year for Jim Carrey, he released the mask, dumb and dumber, and ace ventura all in an 8 month span, but dumb and dumber was far and away the box office leader. A cross country trip to return a breifcase of hostage money lands the duo in aspen, where they end up spending the money and replacing it with IOU's. Far and away my favorite carrey film.

"Raising Arizona" 1987

The Coen brothers have a knack for making light of dumbass criminals, and they do it best with Raising Arizona. Nick Cage stars as a redneck jesse james type, and Holly Hunter stars as his estranged wife. The two Can't have a baby together so naturally they try to steal one from a wealthy family. After that anything goes.

"Old School" An all star cast of comedy giants makes this film what it is. A classic. Its become this generations animal house, which is no small feat. The script is well written and you find yourself relating to the characters, a recipie for success in a comedy film

This is a small selection of my favorites, If you liked them, check out my next article.