Commercial paper towel dispensers have come a long way over the years from the manual tri-fold dispensers to the super sanitary touchless types found in most new restaurants. There seems to be an endless supply of different types and styles for ever need. And if you are in need of one here is a list of some of best commercial paper towel dispensers. This list will only cover the top of the line models from some of the more name brand companies.



Touchless commercial paper towel dispensers


Touchless commercial paper towel dispensers are the latest and greatest. Some of the best enMotion Automated Motion-Activated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenserinclude the Georgia-Pacific enMotion Water Resistant Automated Towel Dispenser. The no touch design of the enMotion eliminates the transfer of harmful microorganisms when drying your hands for safer food handling and protects the towels from moisture even during high pressure washing in the area of the towel dispenser. Other features include adjustable towel length, time delay, sensor range and dispensing mode for controlling usage and efficiency. Rubber seals seal out moisture and the closable hatch prevents towels from getting wet during any needed wash down without being removed.

The San Jamar Oceans Tear-N-Dry Touchless Dispenser is another great commercial paper towel dispenser. Like other touchless units the Tear-N-Dry prevents the spread of germs and reduces the cost of towels. It dispenses a ten inches of towel and once one towel is removed it is automatically replaced with another. It runs on four D batteries and can operate up to two years without needing replacement batteries. The best part of this model is that you can use almost any replacement paper towel roll.



Push handle commercial paper towel dispensers


If your looking for something a little less modern that is manual look at these push handle Paper Towel Dispenser, Push Paddlecommercial paper towel dispensers. Like the Vista Hygienic Push Paddle Roll Paper Towel Dispenser with it's no worries design and low cost operation. It is designed for limited contact time to reduce the spread of germs and holds an 8 inch roll of towels for longer time between refills. A few other models include the GEP54338 Translucent Smoke Paper Towel Dispenser and the Vondrehle 3467 Push Bar.

There are a few other popular designs including the c-fold or multifold paper towel dispenser, the center pull dispenser, and the standard paper towel holder. There are even dispensers made to be recessed in the wall that have their own trash can. All of which are made of durable plastic or stainless steel. With all these designs and variations it should be no problem finding a commercial paper towel dispenser that fits your needs.