Looking for the best complete guitar course books? When you are first learning guitar it's great to have a book that teaches you everything right from the beginning. A book that's a complete guitar course is something that you'll refer to time and again and makes a perfect companion of you're taking lessons from a teacher. This article examines several method books you can use to learn how to play guitar.

Kid's Guitar Course Complete (Alfred Publishing)

this book comes with a DVD and Cd and is the perfect guitar book for students 5-10 years old. The book teaches how to pick a guitar, how to tune your instrument, how to hold the guitar and strum the strings. Students will learn basic music notation and how to play single notes along with simple chord forms. As the student progresses they’ll learn simple songs that help them master the concepts they have been studying in the book. This book will get younger students playing the guitar right away and having fun.

The Complete Guitar Course: Play in 20 Easy-to-Follow Lessons (Tom Fleming)

You’ll learn hits from famous artists with songs such as “Wonderful Tonight,” and “Walk This Way.” The book teaches basic fingering, chords, and techniques to get you playing right away with the instrument. You’ll learn how to choose the right instrument and accessories as well as proper tuning techniques.

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar (Steve Krenz)

This guitar package comes with 10 DVDs, 5 jam along CDs and a 100 page booklet to get you playing the guitar like never before. You’ll learn electric and acoustic guitar from the very beginning and start with all the basic fundamentals such as strumming, picking, soloing, and playing chords. You’ll learn a wide variety of musical styles such as rock, blues, country, and jazz. This is an excellent series for beginners as well as those with some skills but are struggling to make progress on the instrument.

The Acoustic Guitar Method, Complete Edition Book/CD (David Hamburger)

This method book gets you playing a few basic chords and strums right away. You’ll learn a wide number of traditional acoustic songs as you learn the techniques in the book. You’ll discover blues feels, folk, country and bluegrass styles. You’ll learn how to find notes on the fretboard and expand your knowledge of chords by learning songs in various keys. You’ll learn both flat picking styles and how to finger pick with this complete acoustic guitar course.


House of Blues Presents: Electric Guitar Course (John McCarthy)
This 80 page book comes with two DVDs and two CDs and takes you through an electric guitar course. You`ll move from beginner to an intermediate player by learning the basics such as parts of the guitar, proper hand position, tuning, essential chords, scales, lead patterns, and more. You`ll get exercises to help you build hand coordination and move onto more advanced lead guitar techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs. With this method book you`ll also get online support such as backing tracks and forums. This is the complete method for anyone interested in learning how to play the electric guitar.


Guitar Course Advice

These guitar course books will help anyone wanting to learn how to play the guitar. You should combine these method books with the help of a good qualified guitar teacher. Your instructor can help guide you through the early difficult stages of learning the guitar and help you avoid bad habits such as the wrong fingering  for chords. With a teacher you'll learn how to play in time and gain other valuable techniques that are difficult to learn with just a book. If you’re a beginner consider taking a few lessons with a teacher to learn some basics.