Have you ever needed to buy a computer desk and found yourself wonder what the best computer desks under $100 are? Many people have purchased a new computer desk, and while it is usually a personal decision as far as style goes, staying within a budget is also important. The most important aspect of buying a new computer desk is how well it will fit your personal workspace requirements. A desk should always be comfortable to work at. People have different ways of working and one type of desk layout won't necessarily work for someone else. Shopping online for a computer desk has become very popular because of the price savings. The downside to shopping for desks online is that you can't actually sit down and try it out before purchasing it. Some people will go to a local office furniture store and find a desk they like, then find a similar desk online and purchase it from another supplier or try to have the local deal match the price.

The RealSpace Dawson home office desk is usually available from Office Depot for just under $100. The RealSpace Dawson models features a storage unit for the computer and two drawers on the other side. These desks are sixty inches wide, so they may be too big for some home office users. They are available in different colors and since they are sold by a brick and mortar office furniture store, you may be able to find one locally and try it out.

Z-Line Designs have a few desk models that are good fits for a smaller home office. One model is the Z-Line Pacific desk and with a width of 47 inches, this model is not as wide as other computer desks. The Z-Line Pacific desk is a more modern style with an open style storage space so it has no doors. Staples carries the Z-Line products so it is possible to visit a store and physically inspect the design.

Walmart carries inexpensive desks for as low as fifty dollars for a student desk. The MainStays student desk is small and lightweight. It measures less than forty inches wide so it can fit in many small apartments or dorm rooms. While many adults may not find the MainStay student desk comfortable, it could be a greatr option for a teenager or college student. This is the cheapest desk at around fifty dollars.

Choosing the best computer desks under $100 is important for the budget conscience shopper. While the desk may not be built of solid wood, they are affordable and get the job done. The most important thing to look for in a desk is how comfortable it is. A desk doesn't function very well if you don't like sitting at it when you work.