When looking for the best computer desks for kids you are looking for several things.  You obviously want a nice piece of furniture that can be used to set up a computer station.  It needs to be a place where your child can conveniently study and do their homework.  The desk also needs to have a lot of storage and desk space so that the area does not get cluttered up with pens, paper, and other supplies that a kid needs while using their computer.  You also want a work station that is comfortable for your kids so that they will feel comfortable reading and doing their homework at it.  Lastly, it is certainly helpful to have a computer desk for kids that fits the furniture decor of your home.

Where to Find Children's Computer Desks

You can pick up computer desks for your kids at many brick and mortar stores.  Retail stores such as Walmart and Target may carry what you are looking for.  Naturally, you can check out furniture stores to see if they have a selection of desks that you would like to add to your child's bedroom or play room.  Even office supplies stores like Staples and Office Depot might have a computer desk that would look great for your child.

Many people have decided that shopping online is what they like to do best.  Searching on the internet lets you compare products and comparison shop for the best deal.  You can find computer desks for kids online at places such as Amazon and eBay.  A lot of times you can find a wider selection of products when you go the online route, and buying online keeps you from having to transport the furniture around all by yourself.  Sometimes the shipping and handling charges can be well worth not having to carry things around on your own.  Be sure to take notice of the return policies of the stores you buy from online as they can sometimes be tricky.

Legare 43 Inch Kids Computer Desk With File Cart

Legare 43 Inch With File Cart Computer Desk for KidsCredit: amazon.comThe Legare 43 inch kids computer desk includes a rolling file cart to keep loose items and files stored away out of site.  In addition to the pink and white color shown here, it also comes in a green and white style.  It is made from engineered composite wood with a genuine wooden veneer and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  The design is such that the shelves can be assembled on the left side or the right side of the desk, so no matter what hand your child writes with or what is most comfortable for them, you can set up the desk in the most convenient way.  The assembly of the desk does not require tools, and it can be assembled in minutes.  A 3-year warranty accompanies this sleek computer desk for kids.

Wild Zoo Wooden Computer Desk for Kids (Fits 2)

Wooden Computer Desk for KidsCredit: amazon.comThis wooden computer desk comes from Wild Zoo and is ideal for children ages 5 - 10.  Unlike some desks, this furniture does not need a separate chair.  It has an attached bench seat that can fit 2 kids at once.  The shelf on the side is convenient for storing books and other supplies.  It has a maple/tan finish and a laminated top, and the height can be adjusted.  The warranty on this desk covers the manufacturers defects for up to 90 days.

Techni Mobili Ergonomic Kids & Teens MDF Computer Desk

Techni Mobili Ergonomic Computer Desk for KidsCredit: amazon.comThe Techni Mobili Ergonomic Kids and Teens MDF computer desk is a unique design that is made of MDF contstruction and includes a PVC laminated surface.  It comes with a storage drawer and a side magazine rack.  The design of this desk is such that a monitor or laptop can sit on the top shelf alongside some extra desk space, with a pull out keyboard tray below.  Underneath the desk is ample room for a CPU.  In general, this desk should be able to easily fit in a bedroom or play room and give the teen or young child plenty of room to work.  A 5 year manufactuerers warranty comes with this computer desk. 

Wild Zoo Wooden Computer Desk for Kids (Fits 1)

Wild Zoo Computer Desk for Kids for OneCredit: amazon.comThis is another computer desk for kids from Wild Zoo.  A difference is that this desk fits just one child.  However, there is still a storage tray, an attached wooden bench, and plenty of room for a computer and other papers and books.  To go on top of this desk, you can purchase a separate hutch.  No matter if your child is right or left handed, as the seat can be assembled in a way that is most comfortable for the user.  Like the other Wild Zoo product on this page, some assembly is required, but it can be done in less than half an hour.

SJ107 Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk with Tiltable Desktop and Shelf

SJ107 Ergonomic Computer Desk for KidsCredit: amazon.comThe SJ107 Ergonomic computer desk for kids can have the height adjusted so that the desk can also be used by adults.  The desktop can also be tilted so that the user can have the perfect set up to do their work.  The tilting action may not be great if you are using your computer, but if the desk is used for reading or writing, having the tilt action can come in handy.  A sliding storage drawer keeps things neatly stocked away.  It has a veneer desktop, with powder coated finished frames to help with the durability of the desk.  There is also a compartment to help with the wires so that they stay out of the way.  This computer desk may not be great for smaller kids, as the recommended height is at least 48 inches tall.  As your child grows, though, this desk can grow with them.

Having a solid and comfortable setting for your child to read, study, and do their homework is important.  It is harder to get motivated to do your work, whether you are a kid or an adult, if you do not have a good working environment.  With these computer desks for kids, you can ensure your children will be as comfortable as possible as they do their work.