Looking for the best computer for MMO gaming? When you want to play MMO games online you’ll need a powerful machine for many of today’s top titles. You need a computer that not only has a fast processor but one that has plenty of memory and an up to date video card. It’s better to spend extra dollars when looking for a computer for MMO gaming because you’ll get a machine that will last you longer without upgrades.

Desktop or Laptop

When buying a computer for MMO gaming, it’s usually best to go with a desktop. While many laptops are now very powerful, it’s often difficult to upgrade them. With a desktop it’s easy to take them apart and add new components to the machine. With a desktop you can add new memory modules and improve the performance or add a new shiny video card to play the latest game.  It’s easy to add cooling to a desktop and upgrade all the other features of the machine. Once you start to upgrade a laptop this can get quite expensive and many models don’t have that much of an upgrade option. Laptops tend to have integrated graphics which aren’t that great for playing MMO game or the ones that have a graphics chip, are very expensive to purchase. In general a desktop will make playing MMO games much easier due to the ease of changing the components in the machine.

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Processor and Memory

In general the faster your processor is the  better for your gaming machine and it should meet or excel the recommened requirements for your game. You can get by with a slightly slower processor for some games. For RAM you'll want between 6-12GB of memory and anything else is just really overkill for your computer, although sometimes you can go as high as 16GB but that's really not necessary unless you play games 24/7. For most gaming computers 12GB should be enough.

Video Card

While the processor and memory are important it's the video card that is THE key component in your computer. Many people have problems with games not because of the processor or memory but because the video card isn't up to speed with a new MMO game. For older MMO games around the World of Warcraft era you can use integrated chips but for newer games you must have a dedicated graphics card. The newer the card is, the better off you'll be in the long run. The nore memory your graphics card has the better. This is one area you just don't want to cut corners on and it's the number  one bottleneck to poor gaming performance in MMO games.

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A Cooling System

If you play for long periods of time you might want a cooling system for your computer. This will help extend the shelf life of your computer components and allow you to enjoy your gaming experience. Having extra fans in your computer can help those components last longer. A water cooling system is also ideal to keep the components of your computer from overheating. The last thing you want is to burn out some expensive graphics card after you have just purchased it. While this isn't ideal for everyone it can help your system last longer. Ifyou play games on your system all the time get some liquid cooling for your unit. Just remember that these systems can run you quite a few dollars so be prepared for the expense.


Having a good sound system will also help you enjoy your gaming experience. Get yourself a good pair of headphones or some decent computer speakers so you can enjoy the soundtracks of your favorite games and get into the whole experience of gaming. A good soundcard can also make the difference in your MMO experiences.

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Basic Rules for a Good MMO Gaming Computer

When buying a computer for MMO gaming it's best to stick with a good desktop computer. If you can afford it, make the system yourself so you can control the components that go into the machine. Make sure your gaming rig can meet or excel the recommended system requirements for the games you want to play. Forget about integrated graphics for new MMO games and go witha dedicated video card such as an NVIDIA or Radeon card. Just remember that the video card is the most important part of the system so buy the best one you can afford. Memory and the processor are important too but it's the video card that can make a world of difference in your gaming experiences. The best computer for MMO gaming is a solid well-rounded desktop with a good video card. You might also want to have extra fans or a liquid cooling system for your computer if you plan to use it all the time for gaming. A system like this will be expensive so know what you're getting into before taking that step. Enjoy your MMO gaming.