The New MacBook with retina display has been talked about alot. Some people say that it is the best laptop so far. What do you think?



I personally would not buy this computer. Although, the retina display is very appealing, I could much more easily buy a windows computer with HD visuals for a quarter of this price. I am a gamer, so the 1 GB of ram is simply not enough. I would much rather buy an Alienware laptop for the same price, as they are just as abundant in resolution and are more suitable for gaming. And my last point would have to be the apple software it self! I hate it, it isn't what i grew up on and is quiet different. - California


I wouldn't buy the Macbook Pro for several reasons. First, the price seems way out of line with other, similar, products. I also don't know the difference between the Pro and regular macbook. Also, I would much rather have the macbook air. It has similar traits to all other laptops with very few drawbacks that I can see. Plus it is much thinner and lighter and has really great battery life. I have long admires Apple products from a distance, but have never bought one off their computers. As a first time Apple computer buyer, it is the Air line that is going to bring me in and not the Pro line. Perhaps if I knew exactly what advantages were offered by the Pro versus the air or regular macbook, I could be swayed. - Arizona


The best thing about the new macbook pro with retina display is obviously the screen. It has 4x the resolution of a standard laptop screen. This increased resolution would make the screen look absolutely stunning. I remember getting the iPhone 4 with retina display and I was amazed at how clear it was. I think that this laptop would give me the same impression. I think it is worth the money because it is very thin and stylish along with being a powerful computer. I currently own a 3 year old macbook pro and absolutely love it. It still runs like the day I bought it and has been the best computer I've ever owned. I would buy the macbook pro with retina display because of the apple reliability, customer support, and macintosh operating system that I have come to adore. - New York


The best laptop on the market isn't the new MacBook Pro. The computer is worth no where near the amount of money you'll spend for it. The Retina display is almost irrelevant, as we can perceive the difference between that and modern computer monitors today. With a MacBook, you're paying for the brand and not much of the technology. Quality is always ensured, but you're paying a premium for something that can be found in many other brands in the computer market. It has all the amenities that would make a viable computer work well, but it isn't worth anywhere near 2,200 dollars or 2,800. - New York


If It was up to me I wouldn't buy either product. They are both over priced for what they offer and a better laptop could be made cheaper and better if the site newegg is used to create it yourself. The fact the retina display adds $600 is ridiculously overpriced. It is not worth it so the second laptop comes out ahead. I would advise that you don't use the turbo (overclocking) is bad for the laptop, it will drain the battery and the battery life. Not only that it can destroy the other components and unsnyc the speeds of all the periferals and such - Glasgow


I think buying the new macbook is worth it because of the display and the new software it comes from. Apple has a history of making strong reliable products. It would be worth it in the long run to spend more money because the computer will last longer. It has a beautiful display too like the iPhone and iPad. I don't think there is any other computer out there that even comes close to the way apple has made its macs. - Manhattan


The best choice in portable computing for video editors or photographers would be the Retina Display Macbook Pro at $2799. It is arguable that you're getting more space with the hard drive at a better price, but if you aren't tech savvy and don't mind shelling out the big bucks for convenience and the utmost top-of-the-line parts, then the 512GB Flash storage should be the way to go. With the Retina Display, the actual viewing experience is enhanced by the sharpness and clarity that only a pixel-dense packed screen can provide. For the artists of both the media and visual world, the Retina Display provides detail so crisp that it not only enhances the editing experience, but allows for greater attention to detail - a trait that advanced editors would value. No laptop provides a greater viewer experience than that of the Retina Display Macbook Pro. The price may be steep when it comes to laptops, but the quality and power that this device brings will please both average consumers and professional editors. The Retina Display may not be for everyone, however. For example, it is probably not the best gaming laptop. Any graphically intensive task (which is generally limited to gaming and "extreme rendering" of 3D objects) that must be done while at the maximum resolution would curtail some hiccups that would be apparent due to the extra level of detail that must be processed. For everything else, however, the laptop excels. If you're looking for an all in one package where design meets functionality, go with the Retina Displayed Macbook Pro. For everyone else, there's always a Windows. But you got to sacrifice the looks for the brawn, though! - Texas


The best laptop isn't a MacBook Pro, at least not for the price. Macbook Pros are horrendously overpriced. And the retina display? What software is going to utilize such a vivid display? Not many. Before paying $2800 for a laptop, I would definitely consider other options. If you opted for an ASUS or Alienware, you could get ten times the amount of bang for your buck. When you buy Apple, you are dropping an extra one thousand dollars just to show off logo. There is no reason for their hardware to be that overpriced. Why wouldn't you choose another brand like ASUS, which performs the same and which you can upgrade as it grows dated? - Boston

I am far from what anybody would be able to consider an Apple fan boy of any sort. I have been the first to criticize many things about Apple; from their prices, to their apparent lack of creativity. Unfortunately with the announcement of their new Macbooks in addition to the information released on the what they're planning on for the future of their laptops, I've been forced to essentially bite my tongue. Though the price tag is still what I would consider absurd, there is no arguing the ingenuity behind what Apple is doing anymore. Innovation comes with a steep price tag and always has, and with the release of the new Retina displays and resolutions on Apple monitors, it will be hard for competitors to keep up. - Florida