Don't let a crack in your driveway ruin your curb appeal, fix it before it becomes a bigger problem with some concrete driveway crack sealer. There are several types on the market, but there's one that stands out above the rest. It's so easy to use that nearly any homeowner or DIY enthusiast can have a perfect driveway within minutes.

But first, a warning: Please don't waste your money on those liquid crack sealers that come in tubes. You've probably seen them at home improvement stores, as they are pushed very hard by well-intentioned sales people. But sadly, they don't hold up to weather and the abuse of vehicles. Of course you're welcome to try them out, but from my own experiences (and those of qualified professionals), they simply aren't going to work for the long term. So, as a general rule, if it comes in a tube that looks like caulking, stay away from it.

That doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on good concrete crack sealer...

Pli-Stix concrete fillerThis PLI-STIX asphalt and concrete filler costs less than $17 at Amazon, and is highly recommended by professional concrete workers and experienced do-it-yourself handymen. It's actually the same stuff that road crews use to repair cracks on public roadways, highways and even freeways. So you can rest assure that this stuff is designed to last for the long haul. And the package has enough filler for 30 feet worth of cracks, so you'll probably have some left over should you need it later.

Sure it's heavy duty, but it's not so hard to use that the average DIY person can't handle it. You will need a blow torch, which you can rent at a local tool rental shop for about $20 per day (or you can pick up this highly rated Blazer butane torch for about $50 at Amazon). But other than that, you won't need any specialized tools at all.

This Pli-Stix sealer rolls out like a rope, and you simply manipulate it with your hands until it's in the driveway crack. Be sure that you've pushed it down deep enough that it's touching the concrete on all sides. Then go over it with a blow torch until it has set. It wouldn't hurt to leave it alone for a day or two after you've installed it, just to be safe. If you can, either drive over the repaired spot or park on the street. It's been my own experience that the more time you give it to cure, the better your long-term results will actually be.

This Concrete Driveway Crack Filler Saves Money

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that performing maintenance and repairs yourself will save some serious money. For $17, this is a steal; here's why: A concrete contractor will easily charge at least $100 for the simplest job! So even if you buy a blow torch or rent one (if you don't already own one or can't borrow one from a friend), you're still coming out ahead.

And the funny thing is, there's a good chance that a contractor would show up with this same exact filler! So why not skip the middle man and tackle your project yourself with the best concrete driveway crack sealer - you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!