Sometimes the air can get too dry and musty in our homes, especially during the winter season. This makes it difficult for us to breathe. This would also make us prone to respiratory conditions that are unfavorable to our health, and of course no one likes that. The solution is a humidifier.

There are different types and brands of humidifiers. There are those that fit on your table top, and there are those that connect directly to your furnace. The latter would fit the description of a console humidifier.

Of course, minimalism is a trend now, and compact items are always being used at home. That fact is not disregarded. However, there are some people who have the space but do not have the time to do a lot of maintenance work for their homes. However, they would like to keep their home's humidity at a controlled level. The best thing for these homeowners is to get is a console humidifier.

A console humidifier generates moisture for medium-sized houses. It's not just for one room. It would stabilize humidity for the rest of the house as well. That would be more convenient than buying several compact humidifiers that humidify only one room.

The Honeywell HCM-6011i QuietCare 11-Gallon Console humidifier with Air Washing Technology explains itself. The name alone gives all of its functions. It could humidify a room that has about 2,300 square feet of total area. It also would have an ionizer and a pre filter that would "wash" the air as it stabilizes the moisture in your home.

It would clear the air of dust, pollen and dirt. It would also have a ProTecâ„¢ continuous cleaning cartridge along with an antimicrobial treated filter that would help provide cleaner and fresher mist as well as protection against the mold and bacteria growth.

The console humidifier would also automatically shut off when the room reaches the desired humidity level or when the water tanks go empty. It would allow 11 gallons of water in its water tanks and 12 hours of running time.

This console humidifier not only stabilizes the moisture, but also frees lowers static electricity generated in the air. It also would allow you to breathe without worrying about allergens being inhaled by your sensitive respiratory system.

Plus, it's quiet, so you always get a good night's sleep without being disturbed by the whirring of your humidifier.

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