crackers and  breadWe all have our own favorite cracker and bread spread. But which ones do people love the most? There is a tendency for others to combine two or more different spreads in order to arrive to a unique and particular flavor. It all really depends on what your preferred taste is. Some like sweet, some like salty, some like savory and some like the taste of mixtures of different pastes. In no particular order, here are some spreads that people frequently select.



1. Jelly or Jam

Jellies or Jams are mainly fruit-based. The most common jams found in the grocery store are grape, strawberry, apricots, apple and marmalade. Although it is not highly popular, guava jelly makes an excellent spread on bread or on anything! Guavas are usually sold at local markets and provincial fruit stands. Jellies are not only used as bread spreads, they can also be used as topings in savory dishes like grilled lamb chop with mint jelly and roast turkey and cranberry jelly.

2. Peanut Butter

This spread can be made sweet or savory. Aside from being delicious, peanut butter or any nut butters like almond, hazelnut and cashew are considered very healthy for you. They contain a high amount of protein which keeps you full for a long period of time. Do not consume a lot in just one sitting or it will cause weight gain.

3. Cinnamon Sugar

This spread is very popular in restaurants as a part of their appetizers. It tastes best with freshly baked warm rolls or buns. The salty flavor along with the sweetness gives it a little kick. Try it on your morning toast as well. You will surely be satisfied.

4. Marshmallow Spread

This soft and gooey textured spread is commonly known as “Fluff”. Many people serve it with peanut butter in sandwiches. While peanut butter is a tad salty, fluff balances the quality of the flavor with its sweetness.

5. Cheese spread

Are you a big fan of corn chips? Well then cheese spread is your perfect partner. This sticky-textured spread (also a dip) goes amazing with corn chips or any other chips you like. The saltiness of the cheese makes it so addicting that you would want to eat it more often.


If you are slowly getting dissatisfied with the traditional ham and mayo type of sandwiches, change your routine up by preparing your sandwich with these spreads. They are delicious and filling. And for something different, you can even combine these spreads together in one sandwich and simply experiment on which one taste best for you.


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