You can go just about anywhere to farm whatever crafting material you need in the World of Warcraft. However, some spots are way better than others. As an avid crafting material farmer for gold and guild welfare, I know just about every single one of them.

The below will cover farming spots for:

  • Herbs
  • Ore
  • Motes of Harmony
  • Leather


If you are herbing purely for money or to mill inks for inscription, there is only one herb you want to go for. It is Fool's Cap. This still sells for a decent chunk of change because it gives the best rare inks per mill for inscriptionists and they need a lot of inks. It also sells well because it is hard to get. Each herb nod is almost always by a hostile enemy so it takes long to farm.

But today, I am going to share my super not-so-much of a secret anymore farming spot where it's not always by an enemy.

Fool's Cap Farming Spot

fools cap farming

This may seem like a really small area but the Fool's Cap spawns there are INSANE! Similar to Whiptail spawns in Cataclysm. Just follow that path and as long as no one else is farming it you will fill that 36 slot herbing bag in about an hour.

Snow Lily Farming Spot

Snow lilies can be found throughout Kun-Lai Summits, basically anywhere it is snowy. However, there is one cave where they spawn in abundance.

snow lily farming

Howlingwind Cavern is just north of the One Keg flight path and south west of the White Tiger Temple. Like the name suggests, it is a cave, so look out for that. There are also quite a few enemies. If you are 90 and a DPS or tank class this should not be a problem, if you are a healer you may want to recruit a friend for this venture.

Green Tea Farming Spot

The map just about sums it up.

green tea farming

But seriously, it is not hard to find Green Tea Leaves. They are most abundant in the Jade Forests and Veil of the Eternal Blossom

Silkweed Farming Spot

Silkweed is pretty easy and abundant. Just stick to water in The Valley of the Four Winds.

silkweed farming

Like I said, look for water. Cruising up and down that river is particularly effective as there are a whole lot of spawn points there and silkweed is just about the only herb you see. Though sometimes there is a green tea leaf spawn or two there. Once you get to the Stormstout Brewery turn around, there is nothing for you there.

Rain Poppy Farming Spot

Rain Poppy is a lot like Silkweed, but in a different zone.

rain poppy farming

See, farming around water like silkweed except done in the Jade Forest. Rain Poppy can be a pain to find, though. It also spawns well along the water in the Veil of the Eternal Blossom.

Golden Lotus Farming Spot

There is no fancy map for this one. Golden Lotus have no set spawn place or time, they just appear randomly. The best place I have found are either places with a lot of herb farmers or the Veil of the Eternal Blossom.


Ore does not sell for much as expansions get older, but blacksmiths and jewelcrafters both need a fair amount of it.

Ghost Iron Ore Farming Spot

ghost iron ore farming

This is the absolute best spot to farm Ghost Iron ore, but it does require flying (or swimming) to get at it. It is also a decent Trillium ore spawn as well. Within an hour of farming here I had about 700 ghost iron ore

Trillium Ore Farming Spot

Sadly unlike Ghost Iron there is no small island that spawns Trillium in mass.

trillium ore farming

Basically just fly around the Dread Wastes and look for it. The Dread Wastes is the place that has the highest chance of producing a Trillium Ore spawn.

Kyparite Ore Farming Spot

Kyparite is the rarest of the ores, so thus it is pretty hard to find.

kyparite ore farming

That is the most time efficient route. Kyparite loves to spawn around mountain tops. there are several good areas to farm it in Townlong Steppes as well (lots of mountains), but it requires a lot more flying around.


Leather farming the most profitable farming in the long term. Leatherworkers are strangely lazy in getting leather for themselves, so those of you who are skinners, get ready to make money.

Sha Leather Scraps and Pristine Scales

Sha Leather Scraps are not hard to come by, but the problem is getting creatures that are abundant in the area. I recommend killing Wyrmhorn turtles which can be found in the are below.

sha leather farming(118705)

There are a whole bunch of those turtles in that are and they drop sha leather 49% of the time and pristine scales 20% of the time.

Exotic Leather

If it's exotic leather you be wantin', it's to the dread wastes you be headin'. You head there to kill the Dread Scarabs

exotic leather farming

Yeah, go and kill those nasty bugs. They drop exotic leather 99% of the time.

Magnificent Hides

There is no one place or one creature you can go to to kill to get these, it's random off of every creature you skin. So just get out there and go.

Motes of Harmony

Motes of Harmony are the Chaos Orbs of the expansion. They are non-tradeable and required for almost all item crafting. They are also notoriously hard to find as you have to get them from killing creatures.

The best option is to get to revered with the Tillers. When you are revered with the Tillers you can plant seeds on your farm that give you motes of harmony. This is the most simple way possible to get Motes of Harmony.

If you want to supplement this:

mote farming

Go to this area in the Veil of the Eternal Blossom. This is where the first tier of Golden Lotus dailies take place as well. Just start killing, I've found that this place has the most reliable drops for motes, but because the dailies for the Golden Lotus also take place here, there is a lot of competition.

But where there is a lot of competition, there are faster spawns, so there is that.

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