There are many people that argue the value of crate training your dog, but there are many situations when this is needed. But now that you have decided to buy or look at crates for dogs, you are not sure what you should get. There are so many styles and sizes for crates for dogs.

It all depends on the size of your dog and what your plans are with these dog crates. Are they going to be somewhere permanent in your house? (recommended). Do you need to travel a lot, by car or air? You should contact your airline and find out what type of traveling crates for dogs are allowed. Then purchase accordingly. Do you need this crate to collapse down?.

Once you have decided what type of dog crate you want, then you need to go shopping. Here are a few of the best crates for dogs to consider.

Wire Dog Crateswire dog crate

If you have a large dog, this is probably the better way to go. Your dog has to be able to stand up and turn around in these dog crates, for comfort. So make sure you measure your dog before you go shopping. This wire dog crate is suppose to feel comfortable and his safe den, so don't get it too small.

These work best, if they can be set up somewhere permanent. We have these type for our two dogs, and we have them in our finished basement. They know that when we need to go out, or to bed that these are their homes for the night. So, they have to be comfortable and try not to move them around to much. We moved our dog crates for doing some decorating, just to the next room, and one dog whined all night. They get used to their space, so try and find a spot and then leave it there.

Plastic Dog Cratesplastic dog crate

The plastic dog crates are good if you have a dog that feels better in a cozy den style atmosphere. These tend to have sides, and the dog can peek out the front only. Depending on the size of your dog, this really is better for the smaller dogs. If you don't want your dog to be able to see much out of the crate at the sides and the back, then the plastic dog crate may work better for you.

Portable Dog Cratesportable dog crate

If you plan on doing any traveling, or have a van and need to be able to take your dog crate with you, then this is the better way to go. Rather than owning more than one crate you can use this one from the beginning. If your dog loves to travel and is used to his portable dog crate, he may feel more comfortable in it, in strange places, such as pet friendly hotels.

For airline travel, you should check with the airline, they usually have specifications for dog crates for travel.

Cheap Dog Crates

The best way to get cheap dog crates, is by finding them second hand. You can usually check in the paper, or in the reuse center, or through word of mouth. Maybe someone has one, and they no longer own a dog. They clean well, but if you plan on buying a cheap dog crate or second hand one, then make sure you take it outside, and really hose it down and use detergent to get rid of other dog smells, this could put your dog off it completely.

Let it dry completely, then put it in the spot you had planned for your dog to use. Put a nice bed in it, or their favorite toys, and some raw hide chews, to give it more of a home smell.

Crates for dogs, can come in handy for their safety. We use ours, if we are having visitors, until the dogs can get to know them later in the visit. We use it for when we are going out, so they do not chew the furniture, but we also exercise our dogs a lot.

Crates for dogs, are for part time use. Do not leave a dog caged up for hours at a time, or they will come to hate their dog crate. You need to exercise your dog, and let them participate in the family.

If you are trying to train your dog to use a dog crate, and they are older, then you need to spend a few weeks on this process. Do not just shove them in there and expect them to like it.

Dog crate training, should start after a good exercise, so the dog is tired and not wired, and then you should try feeding your dog in the dog crate, but with the door open, then after a few days, place a new chew toy that they would like in there. After a few days of that, try shutting the door for up to a couple of hours, then letting him out. If you keep up these habits, they will start to realize , it is their special den.

There are many crates for dogs on the market right now. You just need to decide where in your house you are going to put this, and how big you need to get. My dogs prefer the wire crates, but they are not ones for hiding in dark corners, whereas my friend has a dog that loves to hide behind and under things, and therefore she loves the crate with the solid sides.

You know the personality of your dog. Once you have decided, you can purchase crates for dogs online, with such sites as Amazon and Ebay or at your local pet shop, or discount stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, will quite often sell a limited supply. Or you can check out your local buy trade and sell newspaper for used dog crates. Just as a side note: Make sure there is nothing around your wire dog crate that your dog could chew on such as wires and curtains. There should be a good space around them.