Finding the best credit card after bankruptcy can be a hard thing. Bankruptcy destroys credit ratings – as any who has undergone a bankruptcy discharge well knows. This can make getting credit cards difficult. Fortunately, if you know what to do, you can still get a credit card.

It's tough when you declare bankruptcy; not only do you usually lose your house in most cases, but you also are denied any possibility of getting credit. It seems that every time you seek to get anything that requires a credit check, you are flatly denied. This ranges from getting a credit card to just trying to sign up for a cell phone with bad credit.

But, lucky for you, there are some credit cards after bankruptcy that you can still get. Your first bet is to look online for a bad credit credit card. These are credit cards that are specifically designed for people with poor credit history. Now, the type of card that you can get depends on how bad credit history really is.

You see, there are two different categories of credit cards: unsecured credit cards and secured credit cards. Unsecured credit cards are the classic credit cards that you seem most people using. The credit card lender lends you the money for your purchases; if you don't repay within a month, you must pay interest.

A secured credit card is an all together different type of card. Secured credit cards require you to put deposit into a special savings account linked to the card. This deposit becomes the limit of your credit card. Hence, the credit card is essentially "secured" by your deposit – the lender faces no risk of a default here, since you essentially are borrowing against your own deposit.

So which type is the best credit card after bankruptcy? Getting a credit card after bankruptcy depends on your credit history. An unsecured credit card is more useful since you don't have to put down money to get one. However, these tend to be MUCH hard to get with bad credit – especially after bankruptcy. You still may be able to get one if you apply to online credit card lenders from websites (check online and look around to find these bad credit credit card lenders), but you will face higher interest rates and stiff penalties.

Secured credit cards are guaranteed approval credit cards, since you put money down for them. Since you have to open a savings account, you also get a bit of a bonus towards improving your credit score, as lenders like to see savings accounts. A secured credit card is how to get a credit card with bad credit.

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Ultimately, the purpose of these credit cards after bankruptcy is to help fix up your credit so you can qualify for low interest rate credit cards when your credit score is removed. So the best credit cards after bankruptcy depends on what you are looking for. It's best to do a lot of research on the web about each different credit card before making a decision.