If you do not have the budget to buy every single cartridge made for the Cricut die cutting machines, here are the best of the best to start with.

Best Cricut CartridgesCredit: AmazonWith scores of different cartridge choices from Cricut how do you know which ones are the best? Users review their cartridges in person and online and once you average out all of those reviews, you end up with these few best of the best Cricut cartridges.

Best Cricut Cartridges

Cartridges for the Cricut die cutting system are broken into several types. The cartridges for the Imagine system are compatible with the Imagine machine and the Expression 2 machine. Because they can only be used with a few different types of machines, the Imagine cartridges are not referenced in this article.

There are two main types of cartridges, those that are based on fonts and those that are based on images. Many of the font cartridges have more images and phrases that are useful to scrapbookers. While preferences vary widely, one of the most useful font-based cartridges for the Cricut die cutting systems is Storybook, based on user reviews. This one is among the best Cricut cartridges because it offers not just an adorable stylized font like you would expect, but also an impressive variety of phrases and other designs. The designs of the items available on the Storybook cartridge are appealing to a lot of scrapbookers, no matter the style of scrapper you are.

Within the image-based group of cartridges, several get great reviews. At the top of this list is the Paper Dolls Dress Up choice. This cartridge is among the best Cricut cartridges because it has many animals and shapes that are hard to find on other cartridges. You can also create people shaped cutouts and dress them different ways, as the title of the cartridge indicates. Little cut out versions of your family make a wonderful touch for any number of scrapbook pages, so this cartridge is necessary for the serious scrapper.

Different Types of Cricut Cartridges

The wide range of cartridges available reflects the diversity of each different Cricut user. If you love to make personalized cards, there are cartridges just for that purpose. If you like to create individual frames for photos on your scrapbook layouts, there is a cartridge just for frames. For users who like the idea of making their own car decals by cutting vinyl with their machine, there is a cartridge just for that, too. The cartridges that are intended for a specific type of use also can be mixed and matched with other project depending on your needs. One good example is using a font cartridge to cut out vinyl to use on the glass in a picture frame, creating a personalized gift for weddings or anniversaries.

How to Find the Design You Want on a Cartridge

With so many cartridges and so many designs on each, it is hard to find the exact cut you are looking for. If you need a turtle, for example, but cannot imagine where to begin searching within your few font and image cartridges, try the site called MyCutSearch.com. This site has researched the different offerings on each cartridge to make it easier for you to know which cartridge to reach for when it is time to cut out that sought after turtle.