If you have never visited a natural healer, you might not know what to expect. Along with light physical touch, the healer might use healing crystals during the treatment process.

You might be asking yourself a few questions. What are healing crystals and where do they come from? Do they really work? Crystals for healing have been used as a method of treatment since the times of ancient Egypt and India.

Traditional Chinese medicine has used healing crystals for centuries as one of it's most popular forms of treatment.

One of the most common crystals used in healing is the quartz crystal. It is known to increase brain function and help to balance the energy field. Quartz is also often used during the practice of meditation.

Crystals are used during the healing process due to their vibrational resonance. Since crystals are conductors of electromagnetic electricity, they are often used to help balance the energy of your body.

During a typical healing session, crystals my first be placed at your feet during a grounding exercise. Then, the crystals may be placed along the different chakras of your body in order to facilitate healing.

Different colored crystals may be used during your healing session. Each color corresponds to a chakra of the body. When placed on the correct chakra, the crystals can help to heal the flow of energy and promote mental and physical healing.

Once your healing session is over, it is likely that you will feel a sense of peace and tranquility.You will be more in tune with the world around you and you will feel as though your body is a little bit lighter.

Different crystals can also be used for different ailments and illnesses. For instance, they crystal that is most likely to work for asthma is turquoise. The main crystal used for chest problems is quartz rose.

If you are having a particular problem that is chronic, you might want to try wearing the healing crystal for that particular problem around your neck.

Crystals for healing can be bought through many online retailers as well as in some herb shops and healing centers.

Don't be afraid to ask for advice on which crystal you should buy if you want to participate in a healing session. There are many forums and websites that are dedicated to helping those who want to learn the art of crystal healing.