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Little Rock is the biggest city in the state of Arkansas and a wonderful place to visit. It is a city of a little over 700,000 people in an area of 117 square miles and a bustling metropolitan area. It has all the amenities of a big metropolitan area while still maintaining a down home southern charm with lots to offer anyone visiting.

Lots of entertainment is available for the visiting family, couple or even single person. Scores of these are remarkable cultural historical sites. Visit these not only to get some visual pleasure, but educational gratification as well. A mixture of old and modern make these terrific for any generation.

Cultural sites in any metropolis are an attraction for tourists. These are some of the great ones to go see. Along with a review of them, some of the drawbacks are also shared.

William J Clinton’s Presidential Library

Admission free

William Clinton’s presidential library is in a park like setting in the downtown area. The eco-friendly design reflects the modern outlook of the former president. Tours exist for anyone interested in seeing a bit of modern history from the point of view of the president.

There are private guided tours as well as general ones. Several days each year, like July 4th, it is free of charge to explore.

A replica of the oval office houses all the gifts he received while in office. In addition, the archives demonstrating 8 years of his presidency is on display. A presidential medal donated by the Little Rock Nine is some of the sentimental possessions to view in the library.

Countless visitors make an afternoon of the experience by dining for lunch at a wonderful restaurant found inside the building. The food is admittedly pretty good and very affordable.  

Two floors of exhibits means lots to see and a great way to fill a lazy afternoon when an outside activity is not possible. Even if the weather is great seeing this particular site

There are tons of visitor reviews rating the experience as excellent and well worth their time. A gift shop offers memorabilia to take home.

Drawbacks-tours are only once per day unless privately reserved.

Central High Museum and Visitors Center

Admission free

The fight for segregation is historically connected to Little Rock Arkansas. The focus of the museum is the 1957 battle against segregation in public schools. A monument to the struggle is found across the street from the famous Central High School where the Little Rock Nine made a stand against it.

Central High School Museum and Visitors Center and Central High School both have tours. Though, the text, audio and visual displays are all located only inside the museum.

Several of the exhibitions are opinions and insights from some of the Little Rock Nine students. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and scores of people find the visit emotional as well as educational.

. There is no fee and the tour is a great piece of American history.

Drawbacks-the high school is not always open to the public. There are not displays inside of the high school. Lots of people admit the experience is extremely emotional.

ESSE Purse Museum

Admission $10 children under 5 free

There are few dedicated purse museums found around the world today. Seoul, Little Rock and Amsterdam are the only three brick and mortar ones. This one opened their doors to the public in June 2013. This is part of the sites to see simply because of the creativity surrounding the idea.

There are nearly 300 bags on display. The visit is not simply a fashion history or show, but they have showcased the American woman through the decades. The bags carried and their contents tell a lot about her historically. Many find the changes extraordinary when comparing decades ago with the woman of today. Enormous pictures are backlit and brilliantly displayed.

This is certainly a one of a kind idea and extremely appealing for scores of people.

The admission price is $10 for adults and free for children five and under. This is pricier than most of the other sites, but exceptional and rare as far as museums go.

Drawbacks-though a purse gallery is unique, tons of men and boys will not want to spend their afternoon with a visit. Admission cost is slightly high when compared with others.

Heifer Village (Heifer International)

Free admission

The center organization is around an idea or mission to end world hunger. One of the biggest things they do to support this dedication is deliver small livestock to needy people in other countries. Even some families in our country receive small livestock to combat hunger.

They share their vision with the public through their exhibits.  They share info on food sustainability, living conditions and tons of other material surrounding hunger in our country and around the world.

Your visit is self-paced allowing you to move through at your leisure. The displays are interactive making them interesting and fun for any age group.

Although geared heavily towards children, adults find it fun as well. Lots of visitors admit it even intrigues teenagers. Reviews admit over and over this is a real hidden gem.

They have a café offering snacks and drinks. A gift shop has profits that support communities around the world. Tons of useful, educational items and Fair Trade products are for sale.

Drawbacks-it is very easy to feel the need to give monetarily which is not  always in the vacation budget. Do not go overboard

Museum of Discovery

Admission $10 adults, kids $8

Lots of children do not consider visiting museums fun. This is not the case at the Museum of Discovery. Countless children admit they had tons of fun while still being educated around a number of subjects.

One of the best things to stand out is an area specifically designed for younger kids. Since kids are able to put their  hands on lots of the things, it could take a while to make your way through. Not telling them to quit touching everything is wonderful and a little refreshing.

There are exhibits about human body organs, plumbing and scores of other things. In fact, there is a tornado show with fog. There is one area where you can pretend you are a news anchor or meteorologist. They even explain the flow of the Arkansas River.

This is definitely not something you see every day and is very creative with interactive rooms around every corner.


Drawbacks-hands on with children means lots of objects need repair or are out-of-order often.  The admission price is a little pricey for most.

Historic Arkansas Museum

Admission free

This museum has group tours and recalls the Frontier days of the area. Several buildings make up the Historic Arkansas Museum. One of the creative perks includes actors sharing several theatrical demonstrations about life in the Frontier days.

Actors reenact slavery, blacksmithing and other professions during the 1800s and 1900s to make the journey more authentic and share knowledge about Arkansas history.

There is an excellent American Indian artifact room inside one building.

A restored pre-Civil War house with full-scale galleries. is on site. Along with interactive displays the excursion will take at least a couple of hours. History buffs will certainly enjoy the site.

Drawbacks-not a lot of hands on for most of the visit because of the preservation needs for lots of items. Anyone finding slavery offensive will not enjoy the visit. One of the buildings is a plantation built in the 1820s and slavery is one of the reenactments

In conclusion

Lots of travelers recommend these to call on and give them all thumbs up. Though, some are not for everyone, most are remarkable and worth stopping by. Even with some of the small disadvantages all seem to have, do not miss out on great expeditions on one of the best cities in America.