Getting the best custom home theater can make a huge difference in your home. With the rising cost of going to the movies, and the low cost and easy availability of movies at home – both through DVDs and cable/satellite – opting for a custom home theater is becoming more and more common. The price of setting up a home theater is falling dramatically, as well.

You have two options in designing your home theater. If you’re going for a simple set up, or if you’re going to buy a “home theater in a box,” (where all of the components come as a predetermined set), you are probably fine to go it alone.

However, for any complicated or major set-up, it’s probably in your best interests to consult with a professional.

This will ensure that you’re getting the best components for your room and for the use you intend, and that it’s all installed properly. Home Theater System

The financial bonus to hiring a professional is that you’ll know the entire cost up front…whereas do it yourself projects usually end up with escalating budgets as the do-it-yourselfers discover things they’ve forgotten or errors they need to fix.

When evaluating professionals who you’re considering having install and design your system, there are a couple of things to watch for. First, check them out with the Better Business Bureau in your area.

References are a good thing, but thing about this – what professional is going to give you the number of someone who’s going to give them a bad report? The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for an objective opinion.

Now, watch the installer as they’re evaluating your room. When designing a custom home theater, a professional will consider many aspects of the space.

These include the size of the room, where the audience will be sitting and which direction they’re facing, the room’s acoustical properties, lighting situations that may interfere with the viewing, and room ventilation.

They will discuss with you whether a projection system will be best, or whether a large-screen television will work better in your situation, and they’ll talk to you about stand-alone versus in-wall speakers.

A custom home theater is a useful and modern addition to any home, and with the right professional by your side, it should be a pretty straightforward process to install.