Custom Shower Doors

Gear off to a whole new bathing experience with custom shower doors. Custom shower doors are not only used for technical reasons, they also enable you to add a touch of elegance and your own personality to your bathroom.


Before you go wild on the design in your head, there are about 4 basic shower door types with regards to structure that you may want to orient yourself with. Knowledge of these types will help you decide what best custom shower door to use in the layout of your own. These are pivot doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, and curved doors.

Pivot doors are those designed to swing outward. These give a wide opening but this may not be advised for those who have small bathrooms because it takes up space when opened.

Bifold door on the other hand has no issue with regards to space because of instead of swinging outward, the doors fold inward. This type consists of two panels and is hinged in the middle. The only disadvantage with this type is that its twisting motions prevent it to move freely.

Sliding doors are also a popular type. These are actually made up of doors that bypass one another and are made to glide along a track. This makes it a space saver. Drawbacks of this type of shower door are that water may leak out sometimes of the shower, and the cleaning of panels can also be a challenge.

Curve glass shower doors are usually installed in corner showers. They are reversible and can be opened from either the left or right side. Like bifold doors, they also save space.

With regard to custom shower doors, you can direct the width and height of these structures. There are also accessories available that can add pizazz to your door.


With custom shower doors you can choose a variety of glass types. There are the framed and frameless glasses. Frameless glass is the more popular choice because of its sleek look. You can also decide what kind of glass you want your custom shower door to be made of. If you want a cleaner and sleeker look, clear glass is for you. But if you're a private person you may opt for opaque. But aside from the two mentioned there are also varieties to choose from. It is possible to have a pane that is half clear and half opaque. This will give you a clear visual of the bathroom at the same time hide the lower parts of the body. There are also mirrored, tinted, patterned and frosted glasses. Last, there is the mirrored shower door that makes a small bathroom look bigger.

With that, here comes your time to play with the design of custom shower door. Take the glass as a blank canvass. The patterns or figures in mind can be placed into the glass through etched or sandblasted figures. Pictures of ferns, flowers, fishes, or all the flower and fauna you can think of putting is possible to pursue. Be as creative as you can.


The price of custom shower doors will depend on the size, materials and fixtures used. And because it is personalized, some extra cost is added. A 4x8 side plus a 6x8 feet side panel with 3/8 thick glass will cost you about 1600 dollars, installation included. Others can range from 2500-4000 dollars. One tip you can use in making your custom shower door is that when buying the glass, go directly to a glass manufacturer. This will make things a lot cheaper, though there is no liability once it is delivered. What other companies that install glass reflect in their quota for 600 dollars' worth of glass may just be 400 dollars when bought straight from a glass manufacturer. Home depots have individual parts of the custom shower doors, but with regards to the whole package of customization and installation, there are various sites out there that have the specifics and the corresponding costs. Since there are different services in different countries, it would be best if you check online if there are available services in your area. Also read forums to get an idea of where to buy the materials in the neighborhood.


Custom shower doors are a bit pricey, but if you are willing and able to invest for the sake of personalization, go ahead and don't forget of proper maintenance. This will help prolong the life of your custom shower door.