Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming pool designs are numerous, as the need for uniqueness and meeting personal taste is more emphasized today than ever before. A sufficient knowledge of swimming pool designs will help you decide the shape, size, style you and your budget can accommodate to get the perfect pool you have always dreamt of.

Pool Basics

There are two main different types of pools: inground swimming pools to above ground swimming pools. The design of these swimming pools will depend on their function, as there are different standards for different types of pools. For example, competition pools have standard sizes of 25 x 50 m big and at least 1.35 m (4.4 ft.) deep. They are generally indoors and heated because swimmers need to use them all year round. Designs for these types of pools are limited. Private and public pools on the other hand, can be decked out. But still, function will dictate form. Do you want a pool for the numerous parties you've planned out? Maybe one where you can relax and chill in? Do you want a pool that comes along with a serene scene? Do you want a pool deep enough to dive in? Or swimming pools like that of water parks with all the slides?


Let's start off with one of the more famous designs: The "infinity pool", also named "negative edge" or "vanishing edge" pool. This type of swimming pool design produces a visual effect of the pool extending infinitely to the horizon. Usually these designs are made near the beach, so the water appears to fall out of the sea, ocean or the body of water that serve as the swimming pool's backdrop. The trick to negatively edge pools is that the contractor must be careful in making the edge, which will be below the water level allowing water to sluice over it. Every infinite pool is custom made, this allows designers more freedom in terms of shape and placement, but this would mean it would be more difficult to install. This swimming pool design started in 1990s and is now used as main features in luxury resorts all over the world. These designs are recommended to those who seek a visual pleasing scene.

Another swimming pool design is be the zero-entry swimming pool also called a beach entry swimming pool. This type of design makes the entry of the pool easier. This type of swimming pool gradually slopes down into the water. Water thus becomes deeper with every step that you take, like that in a beach setting. This type of swimming pool design can be used to help the elderly, small children and anyone who have problems in entering pools through steps or ladders.

Perimeter Overflow Pool is a swimming pool design where water levels are the same as that of the decking. Surrounding the pool's perimeter is a channel where the water drains into, creating an eye pleasing masterpiece. It will look similar to a big mirror on the ground; this design will make your pool look high end.


The idea behind swimming pool designs is that you take different ideas and incorporate them in your pool plan. There are built-in designs available like in-water bench and tables, which are good if you want to multi task. You can add an umbrella, read, eat snacks or play games while you are submerged in water. You can also opt to add a grotto - cave imitations - which are best tucked away behind a waterfall. This can make great forts for playing kids or a romantic hideout for lovers. Swim-up bars are great for entertainment, incorporating it will depend on the pool scape. Designs also include water features like waterfalls, fountains and jet and bubblers. More ideas? Why not experiment on the tiling, add lights, and put daring slides? There are also diving boards and splash pads to make the pool more engaging. Landscaping can also change the whole look of the pool area. Decking is also strongly advised to change the ambiance of your pool. There are various styles and materials to choose from: stamped, brick, slate, wood pavers and that can add oomph. Simple patios entertainment areas, Jacuzzis, the things you can do are limitless. These details can do wonders to the design of your pool.

There are swimming pools on rooftops that are made out of glass so you can see what's down below. There are swimming pools where there's an aquarium on the other side full of sharks. As said before the possibilities are endless. One only needs to think outside of the box. But do consult a professional pool builder and ask if the elements you would want to mix together are tangible or not. Prices will depend on the designer and the materials that will be used in the process.