Cydia is an astonishing app that can be acquired through jailbraking your iPhone or iPod touch. Cydia gives you access to a ridiculous amount of apps that you cannot find in the appstore; with available apps such as MX Tube, SB Settings, and Categories, it is no wonder that Cydia is deemed as great. However, what makes Cydia an amazing app is its potential for limitless capabilities. Cydia can easily be expanded with its feature that allows you to add sources to its directory.

Cydia sources can easily be added to its directory by opening up Cydia and going to Manage> Sources> Edit> Add> *type in Cydia source URL*

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A Cydia source is what shows Cydia where to go in regards to downloading the apps; and with so many Cydia sources available throughout the internet, it is hard to know which ones are the best Cydia sources, and which ones are simply not so good. After adding nearly 40 sources to my Cydia app, and testing them all out 1 by 1, I have been able to compose a list that consists of the best Cydia sources that are available to the app. Install all of these Cydia sources and you will have no problem finding absolutely everything that you need within their directories. Be sure to take a look at Amazon for the lowest prices on iPhone hard cases.

Mod My iPhone

Mod My iPhone makes its way on to the best Cydia sources list very easily with its aesthetic offers to your iPhone or iPod touch. This Cydia Logo For IPod Touch And IphoneCredit: bgr.comCydia source offers a ridiculous amount of customizations and themes, so that you can make your iPhone or iPod touch look exactly the way that you want it. There are enough themes contained in this Cydia source to please absolutely everybody from the solitude loving rock fanatic, to the country loving sheep fanatic; add it to your directory and you will surely not be disappointed.

Big Boss

Big Boss jumps on to the best Cydia sources list by offering its iPhone and iPod touch user a Apple IPhone 16GB 4GCredit: Amazon.complethora of themes, customizations, and apps for their device. Its list of themes and customizations is not nearly as long as the one by Mod My iPhone that was mentioned in the last paragraph, but it makes up for it by offering enough apps to satisfy a king! Add this URL to your Cydia source list, and you will be left downloading for days in order to have all of the great themes, customizations, and apps that this Cydia source has to offer.


Saurik does not offer any aesthetically pleasing apps like the previous ones did; however, it finds its way to our best Cydia sources list with its internal upgrades through the various hacks, and Cycorder that is has readily available. This is any tecchies dream in that it allows them to get down and dirty with the apps on their iPhone and iPod touch, and develop and install various hacks. Saurik also has a Cycorder app that upgrades the capabilities of the camera that comes ready with the device. Saurik offers things that are unique to its URL, which is ultimately what makes it one of the best Cydia sources available.

123 Locker

Installous For The Iphone 3GCredit:

123 Locker is a must-have for any video gamer that has an emulator or two installed on their iPhone or iPod touch. It is on our best Cydia sources list because it has literally every single game that was created for the NES and GameBoy Advanced, and they are all put in a Rom format so that you can play them on your device. This URL is part of the best Cydia sources list because it helps to fill in those gaps of boredom that life may throw at you from time to time; this Cydia source allows those gaps to be filled in with retroactive video games that everybody loves playing.


Once again this URL also offers a great amount of apps, games, themes, and backgrounds for your iPhone and iPod touch. This URL makes its way onto the best Cydia sources list because it is the "beginning and the end" of Cydia sources. This provides the best of all 4 worlds (games, productive apps, themes, and backgrounds) to the user, and allows them to be downloaded with a simple push of a finger. Add the iSpazio URL that is provided above to your Cydia sources and you will not be disappointed.


This URL is on the best Cydia sources list because it makes the best emulators that have been seen on the iPhone or iPod touch available for download. Some of the most popular emulators that are available for download through this Cydia source are SNES4iPhone, Quake4iPhone and Doom. This Cydia source can be used in conjunction with the 123 Locker URL that was provided earlier so that the device may have both the emulators (from Zod TTD) and the roms (from 123 Locker) available for their device. Zod TTD has made it on to the best Cydia sources list because it provides the used with all of their advanced gaming needs in one place so that they do not have to go looking around for them.

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Cydia is considered to be an amazing program, even with simply the apps and programs that it comes with; however, what makes it even more amazing is its potential for upgrade through the addition of more sources. You have spent so much money on your Ipod Touch, which is available on Amazon for less than $300, that you might as well take full advantage of its capabilities. This article provides you with a list of the best Cydia sources; add them all to your source list the next time that you open up Cydia, and you will have absolutely everything that you need at our finger tips!