I will be starting a series of articles with the best Cydia themes I can find out on the internet. this is very hard too do considering there are thousands of Cydia themes out there. I will select a few in each article and post them here. I have no idea how man articles I will be writing on this topic, due to the very large amount of great Cydia themes. I will most likely have a few themes articles like the best sport club themes, the best celebrity themes, etc. There are just so many possibilities. Here are a few of my choices today.


illumine 33

We will start with my favorite and current theme on my iPhone, Illumine. This themes is just so great, there are a lot, of great icons. My favorite part is the highlights under the icons. So simple but yet so beautiful! This theme contains 2,537 icons, 2 docks, status bar, 6 wallpapers, badges, lock screen battery, and page dots. Wow!


dreamer theme

This is another great theme, possibly my second favorite. It's once again a very simple theme, but the colors are great. I love blue and the way the creator of this theme put this all together is great. It's just such a bright and happy theme.

High Tech Rave-Up

high tech rave-up

High Tech Rave-Up is another attractive theme. I guess I'm just a big fan of blue, but well here it is anyways! On top of that we have another blue theme coming up.


bluebird 1

Another just plain and simple theme, very great design. The icons are great, and the colors are alright as well. I don't like themes that are trying to do to much, if you know what I mean. Some themes just look all confused.



This is a great theme! Black and yellow just look so cool together. It's a bit different than most themes. I don't see too many great black and yellow themes like this one.

Okay well that's it for now I'll be back in a bit for part two, I hope you enjoy these themes. All of them can be downloaded in Cydia, except for Illumine. Just Google it!

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