Very Best DJ Controllers Revealed

To suit your budget...

Pioneer DDJ-XE

Best Cheap DJ Controller

Perfect for beginners and bedroom DJs

For these controllers you are want to get ones that are very user friendly and have everything in the box i.e. simple to set up and you do not need anything else (bar a laptop and headphones/speakers)/. It needs to have all the basic features to learn how to DJ.

There are  cheaper DJ controllers out there, but a lot are very toy use and really not suitable to learn on. If you are serious then get one of these 2 great DJ controllers.

These 2 digital DJ controllers fit the bill perfectly and should be defintely considered and are suitable for doing house/college/university parties too!

The Numark Mixtrack Pro is much cheaper (especially now) but the looks of this digital DJ controller are not so hot, plus it is very plasticky.

However it for the price it is an absolute bargain and pretty much a perfect beginner DJ controller. You get an all- in one solution with Serato Intro (which is a very easy to use software) and a built in soundcard. It has a great feature set with all the basics covered  and it is so easy to DJ on and extremely user-friendly

The Pioneer DDJ-WeGo is more professional looking (and newer having been released in late 2012). A real selling point with the DDJ-WeGo is that it has 4 decks so the potential for long use increases and will it last you longer than the Mixtrack Pro. However, it is more expensive. It does have everything you need and again scores highly for user-friendleness.

Numark Mixtrack Pro

Best Selling DJ Controller

Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller with Integrated Audio Interface
Amazon Price: $349.00 $242.50 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 11, 2016)
Now at an awesome price (just over $100) this is a total dream controller for a beginner DJ. Comes with an inbuilt soundcard (so you can cue tracks in your headphones) and Serato Intro software so you have everything you need.

Excellent jogwheels and tons of great features so you will easily learn all the basics of DJ'ing. Very easy to use and you can be mixing in minutes rather than hours!

The reviews are startling and you will not be disappointed, at this price you'd be crazy not to buy it!

Pioneer DDJ-WeGo

Cheapest DJ Controller from Renowned DJ Gear Specialists

A very new and getting cheaper all the time DJ controller from Pioneer. This is beautifully made and looks very professional like.

Very easy to learn how to DJ on with auto-syncing mix buttons plus has a brilliant visual and audio cues to help you learn.

It won't take you long to be mixing like a pro and with the excellent build quality you will feel like a top DJ in now time at all.

Best DJ Controller For Intermediate DJs

Ones with portability and that will not break the bank!

You've learned your DJ skills now you are ready to move on to your second DJ controller. It needs to have more functions and features so you can really find your own unique style. It  will need more outputs and inputs as your DJ skillset increases. You will be doing your first proper gigs maybe for small clubs and weddings so these are some of the best all in one DJ controllers out there for you


Novation Twitch - This is really really cheap now, but has no jogwheels (that will put some DJs off admittedly. At first it is weird but you do get use to it so you should not rule this out). It comes with a FULL DJ software called Serato Itch which is superb.

You can be ultra creative with this controller though, you just need to give it a chance. Great for mobile DJs (I know one who uses this as a back-up to his $1500+ Pioneer - he loves it!)

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 - Loved by many, including myself and very highly thought of in the DJ community.  It comes with the awesome Traktor Pro software and of course the twin deck has ultra tight integration with Traktor Pro. Great set of features and samples deck makes this mid-price DJ controller a real want to buy deck!

 Numark NS6 - The Numark NS7 FX) is widely regarded as one of the best all in one DJ controllers but very expensive (and quite old now). Numark released the NS6 to plug in this gap, but the quality still remains and you get 4 decks of quality.

Top notch design and build, comes with full version of Serato Itch which works excellently with the deck.

Novation Twitch

No Jogwheels Necessary!

Novation Twitch Touchstrip Hardware Controller for the Digital DJ
Amazon Price: $624.99 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 11, 2016)
This unique DJ controller from Novation really pulls a punch. Instead of using jogwheels, using 'touchstrips' - basically you control the music like you would an iPhone by swiping across.

Compact, lightweight with some terrific features such as the slicer mode plus comes with FULL DJ software called Serato Itch, this controller is at a price which is a steal!

Traktor Kontrol S2

Younger Bro Of The Loved S4 But Still Packs A Massive Punch

Versatile, professionally built and has a real pro-edge. You can see why this is loved by many in the DJ community.

All all-in-one solution coming with the awesome Traktor Pro software, the S2 offers great sound quality, great set of features at a now very reasonable price!

Numark NS6

4 Decks Of Awesome-ness from Numark

Numark NS6 Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller with Serato
Amazon Price: $1,299.00 $1,149.42 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 11, 2016)
This great 4 channel DJ controller is now at much much reduced price making it a must buy. Coming with the terrific Serato Itch the NS6 ticks all the boxes. Top quality jogwheels with tons of features and hallmark Numark sound quality plus super easy to use.

Perfect for mobile DJs as it can be used as a standalone mixer (no need for PC) and with its compact (but slightly heavy) nature and pro outputs and inputs this is pretty much perfection!

Best Expensive DJ Controller

Money No Object?

These are two fantastic controllers for you to have at a look at from the renowned DJ gear maker Pioneer . Both though are  quite different. The Aero is very unique due to its wireless features (i.e. requires no DJ software, you can simply rock up with a USB stick full of tunes) .

While in the other corner we have t the Pioneer DDJ-XS is a classic all in one high end DJ controller with more features and functions than you can imagine.

Both are seriously worth considering but I'd say the DDJ-XS is the best DJ controller around!



Pioneer XDJ-Aero

You'll be wired with this wireless DJ Controller

Amazon Price: $1,025.25 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 11, 2016)
The XDJ-Aero is a innovative DJ controller that has no wires. You can use this with any MIDI type software, plus play music from a USB stick (even WAV + AIFF). Even better you can wirelessly mix music from your laptop or even you iPad! So no need for software!

All the features you need plus built with the usual Pioneer class , this controller could be the future and its a lot of fun to use!

Pioneer DDJ-XS

Stay classy with this quality all in one DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ Series DDJ-SX Digital Performance DJ Controller
Amazon Price: $1,300.00 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 11, 2016)
Wow! Simply Wow! Overall this could be the best DJ controller on the planet (well apart from the very pro ones of course!).

Lightweight, balanced outputs, supremely built, 4 decks and you can use 2 decks at the same time, smooth intuitive controls, works seamlessly with Serato Itch (provided), 8 performance pads, specially designed FX mode, so many filters,knobs, sliders, cue points.. to sum up it is awesome!