Camera backpacks, also called camera rucksacks are one of the most essential DSLR camera accessories. They are absolutely essential for complete SLR camera protection and safety, and for the added convenience of carrying around easily. Thus, the DSLR camera backpacks are not only great at protection the camera from the elements, they are also helpful in carrying around the photographic equipment easily and safely.

As any digital SLR camera owner will vouch, the camera and digital camera accessories are quite expensive equipments. Plus, they are also quite delicate too, in the sense that they have to be protected from water, dust, shocks etc, which may not only damage the camera, but also affect the performance and photo quality. If you are a professional photographer – then it is your whole earning tools that you are carrying – and you will obviously want to protect it appropriately!

For professional photographers, the DSLR camera backpacks are an absolute necessity – a sine qua non. They carry around a lot of equipment, which may include two or more cameras, a multitude of lenses and filters, flash, batteries, chargers and other stuff. For modern photographers, another absolutely necessary piece of equipment that has been added to the arsenal is a laptop.

So how do you carry all this stuff around – safely and securely? Obviously, you will need the services of a good quality camera backpack!

Best SLR Camera Backpacks – What to Look For?

So, now that you have decided that you need a good camera backpack, how do you go about choosing the best one for your needs? What are some of the most essential requirements of a good camera backpack? Here goes -

>> You need the backpack primarily because you carry around a lot of photographic equipment. So, first and foremost, the camera backpack should have a lot of space – preferably for two SLR cameras, your collection of lenses and filters, batteries, tripods, chargers etc. and if you carry around your laptop for your work, the SLR bag should be able to carry that too.

>> With all this stuff inside it, the camera backpack should be strong enough to bear the weight, that is, the material of the camera bag should be strong enough, and durable.

>> The strength of backpack material should also include its ability to resist the elements, specially water. Check whether the camera backpack that you like is water resistant, or better still, made of waterproof material.

>> With so much stuff inside the DSLR backpack, the bag should not weigh you down – the weight should be evenly distributed so that you are able to carry it all easily. Plus, the construction of the bag should be like that you can get the camera and equipment out easily, without rummaging through the whole bag. Also, the bag should not hinder your movements when you are preparing to take your best shot.

>> Appearance and looks of the camera backpack matter too, and I don't mean the plain, cosmetic aspect only. When someone is carrying around a lot of photographic equipment, it becomes easily apparent – especially to those who may be interested in the "disposable" value of those equipments. In some situations, you may not want to loudly declare that you are carrying around expensive photographic equipment, or even that you are a photographer. This is especially important for professional photographers who are stuck in conflict areas or certain parts of world (it is a sad fact, but true!).

>> Last, but not the least, is the factor of your budget. Now, I think that for professional photographers, this should not matter much, since what you are protecting is much more important, both in terms of money and value. And anyway, even the best camera backpacks are not that expensive, ranging up to a maximum of $ 200 to $ 250. Do you thinks that is too much to pay – for protecting equipment which may well be 10 times the value in monetary terms?

Best Camera Backpacks and Bags – Leading Brands

Here are the most reputed and respected brands of camera bags and best DSLR camera backpacks .

>> Case Logic

>> Lowepro

>> Tamrac

>> Nikon

>> Canon

>> National Geographic