Learn about the best prescription options for lightening your dark spots.

With products to correct dark spots and lighten your skin available in so many places, it is confusing to decide which is best. The most effective products to lighten your skin are the ones you get by prescription from a medical doctor. Find out why that is, how you can get them and which are the best of the best.

Why do Prescription Dark Spot Correctors Work Better?

Skin care products that are sold over the counter are ones that are not considered drugs. If a skin care product is considered a drug, it means that it penetrates below the first layer of skin called the epidermis. Directly below the epidermis is the dermis and if a topical cream, serum or lotion penetrates to the dermis layer it is considered a drug. Prescription dark spot correctors work better than non-prescription ones because they penetrate deeper into the skin and address the issue of melanin production. When there is too much melanin, a dark spot shows up on the skin surface. By penetrating deeper into the skin, the prescription skin lighteners address the issue more directly than other products that do not penetrate as deeply.

How to Get Prescription Grade Skin Lighteners

Because you need a prescription for these more advanced skin lighteners and dark spot correctors, you must first visit a doctor. Dermatologists are doctors that specialize in the skin, so they are the best ones to collaborate with if you want to get help lightening your dark spots. You can buy prescription-grade skin lighteners online, but the retailers offering prescription products online are not reputable, nor is it safe to get your products from them. Once a product is deemed a drug because it penetrates to the dermis, it can be absorbed into the blood stream. This means the product you put on your face can then interact with other medicines in your blood stream, or with other bodily functions. This is why it is crucial that you only get your prescription grade skin lighteners from a medical doctor.

After your doctor prescribes a dark spot corrector for you, you can either go to the pharmacy to have the prescription filled, or sometimes buy it directly from your doctor for a similar cost. Most insurance policies will not cover products that lighten the skin because they cosmetic and unnecessary. This means you should take the time to call around and compare prices for prescriptions, including the pricing offered through your dermatologist’s office. If you are concerned about the out-of-pocket cost of these types of products, mention that to your doctor when he is prescribing a product for you because there may be some that have generic equivalents you can use to save money.

Best Prescription Skin Lighteners and Dark Spot Correctors

The most commonly used prescription skin lightener is the product hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a drug that is available at a lower concentration of two percent over the counter at department and beauty stores. Your doctor can prescribe this product in a concentration of four percent or sometimes with other drugs or active ingredients as a compound. Due to its history of efficacy, hydroquinone is one of the best dark spot correctors available. One of the most popular skin care lines that include prescription grade hydroquinone is the Obagi Nu Derm line. Other drugs that can work to lighten and brighten the skin are ones that increase the cellular turnover rate like retinols. Like hydroquinone, there are retinols you can buy over the counter but the ones your doctor prescribes are more active and work better, faster. Maintenance treatments like microdermabrasion can also help reduce the look of dark spots.