Darts is becoming more and more popular with millions playing the sport there are thousands of professional darts players in the world.

The majority of the best darts players come from England and Holland with the likes of Phil Taylor & Raymond Van Barneveld.

It is becoming increasing popular over the world, with the majority of the better players coming from these two nations, I was wondering when will it hit other countries in a way in which it has hit England & Holland. I have set the gauntlet, I would love to see players reaching the BDO and PDC darts tournaments from the States.

It is a game of complete skill and concentration, the rules are as follows:

Firstly it is a game of two players consisting of a best of three legs in a set. The sets vary depending upon the player, each player has three darts each.

Each player first throws a dart at the centre of the board (the bullseye) to decides who goes first, it does matter who goes first as the person throwing first has the advantage but it usually evens itself out over the course of the game.

You mark a score of 501 on the scorecard with the aim of reaching zero.

The first player throws his three darts hitting as high a score as he can, most people aim for the treble twenty mark as this gets you sixty points with one dart. The dartboard works that the outer ring is a double which is you double the score around the outside, the inner rings are treble which gives you three times the score, the centre of the board (bullseye) is worth 50 points and the outer centre ring is worth 25 points. The highest score you can get with three darts is 180. If the dart falls out the board before you collect that score does not count.

Once the first person has thrown you count how many points he/she may have scored, you then subtract that from your 501 starting point, the move then goes to the next player.

This goes on and on until the scores lower. In order to win the leg you must finish on a double (the outer ring) the bullseye also counts as a double, for example if you have 40 point remaining you will need to it double twenty to win if you miss and hit a single twenty you then need double ten to win. If you score more than the total number of points you have left you are then bust and non of you score with those three darts count. The highest score you can win the leg on is 170, you do this by hitting treble 20 twice followed by the bullseye.

Why isn't tis sport as popular elsewhere as it is in England and Holland, it is a fantastic sport with all abilities able to play