One of the Best and Highest Rated Boomer Site - Senior

Online dating just isn’t reserved for 20 and 30 year olds, people 50+ want to also know the best dating site for seniors is as well.

 And for good reason, nearly 17% of all committed relationships today began online – so it’s only natural that older people want to know a way to meet wonderful seniors around their own age.

And with the boomers becoming more technologically advanced, by the minute it seems, older people have taken their quest for love online too. No longer do younger daters hold the monopoly over online dating services.

But make no mistake; older folks have the same concerns when it comes to dating sites as their younger counterparts.

Best Dating Site for Seniors

Seniors want to know that the online dating service in which they choose, is easy to use, safe, has a lot of great choices for potential mates and dates and single seniors in the area (though more seniors now than ever before are interested in long distance online relationships too.

So what is The Best Dating Site for Seniors? Well, the answer is Senior The site is one of the highest rated when it comes to quality and size of member photos, technical support, ease of navigation and joining as well as the value for the money.

What are the top features top dating sites for seniors should have?

  • Free to Join – that’s right the best 50+ dating sites, like Senior are free to join. Additional amenities come with upgrade.
  • Post Comments on Member Pages
  • Ability to Send Greeting Cards
  • Search member profiles locally and around the globe.
  • Restricted to people under 30.
  • Participate in member forums to break the ice and voice your opinion.
  • Post Lots of Photos – Up to 27.
  • Ability to Use IM feature for instant Chatting.
  • Maintain a list of favorites.
  • Take match quizzes to see how well you match with other members.
  • Get 24 user support help if needed.
  • Get up to dating advice tips, for both online and offline.

You also get a get up to 10,000 dating ideas in case you’re not really sure of the newest and best dates out there for people 50+. When you join Senior, you’ll also get a free newsletter and be kept up to date on things that interest the active senior and even get motivational success stories on seniors who met on line and have fallen in love, in a committed relationship or even married.

Once you get going on Senior or any 50+ dating site remember the following great tips:

  • Post photos of ONLY you well focused and in good light. Some research even suggests that women should wear red in their profile photos and this makes men more receptive.
  • Men should not photos of them hugging, kissing or otherwise cuddling other women, this is pretty self-explanatory. But many women (young and older alike) view this a super turn off.
  • Write a profile of at least 200 words. It’s advised that if you want to be taken seriously, your profile should not be blank.
  • Respond to emails and chat requests even if you aren’t interested. You aren’t advised to lead anyone on, but just a nice email thanking them for their interest and good luck in their online search is sufficient.

 Free Dating Services for Seniors

 You should also keep an open mind when it comes to free dating sites for Seniors. While there are many which do have a catch and require you to upgrade your free membership to a paid one to do simple things like, send emails.

There are sites out there that aren’t necessarily for dating. is a great way to meet like-minded seniors. Do a search for mature singles or mature wine lovers etc., and you’ll come up with great ideas and events, catered to older adults.

 Good luck in your search, especially if you don’t choose the best dating site for seniors, Senior