The members of the Davidoff family were known as real experts in the world of fine tobaccos. Zino Davidoff, the driving force behind the brand, also started in the tobacco store of his father, but over the years Davidoff has developed into a true global brand for cigarettes, cigars, pipes, writing instruments, leather goods, humidors and perfumes for women and men.

Zino Davidoff, who died on 14 January 1994, was a lover of good taste, beauty and elegance and you find that back in his perfumes.

In this article you will get an overview of the best Davidoff perfumes for women.

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

Cool Water Woman Perfume for WomenCool Water Woman is an irresistible, feminine and natural fragrance you can wear at all occasions. This perfume for women with a moderate strength was introduced in 1996 and its main ingredients are citrus, pineapple, wood and a scent of ocean air. This perfume is wrapped in a stylish translucent blue bottle.

Cool Water Woman by Davidoff is recommended for casual wear.

Cool Water Wave by Davidoff

Cool Water Wave was launched in 2007 and is a refreshing, feminine, sensual and exotic perfume with moderate strength for modern and confident women. The main ingredients are watermelon, freesia, peony, peppercorn, sandalwood, iris wood and musk. Cool Water Wave comes in a stylish, slim bottle with a distinctive light blue and dark blue color.

Cool Water Wave is recommended for casual wear and romantic occasions.

Cool Water Game by Davidoff

Cool Water Game was introduced in 2006 and is a refreshing and flowery perfume with moderate strength for sexy and confident women. Musk, sandal wood, cedar, spices, white lily, freesia, aquatic notes, exotic fruits and lemon are the main ingredients of this fragrance. This Davidoff perfume for women is packaged in a sporty, modern, light blue, translucent bottle.

Cool Water Game is recommended for casual wear.

Good Life by Davidoff

The Good Life perfume was introduced in 2000 and it is an oriental, sweet, spicy fragrance with a moderate strength for elegant women. The main ingredients are exotic fruits, vanilla and sweet flowers. Good Life is wrapped in a striking bottle with rounded edges.

This Davidoff perfume for women is recommended for daytime wear.

Echo Woman by Davidoff

Echo Woman Perfume for Women by DavidoffEcho Women was launched by Davidoff in 2004. This moderate strength perfume is flowery, soft, sexy and gentle and suitable for women of all ages. Its main ingredients are pimento, cedar wood, sandal wood, musk, black pepper, nutmeg and suede. This fragrance comes in a feminine, pink bottle.

Echo Women is recommended for romantic occasions.

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