Who has the best day after Christmas clearance sales?  It certainly is subjective, but over the years, I’ve shopped at some of the stores, worked at others, and noticed some really good trends for shoppers which can help save money and find the best bargains.  I would like to share some information with you about who has the best bargains, lowest prices, biggest discounts, and which are just the best places to shop around for the bargains.  It is based on a combination of research, personal experience, and the ‘it’ factor.  I’ll break it down to online sales, brick and mortar stores, and toss out some additional information to keep in mind as you shop around for clearance discounts on Christmas merchandise.  Please note there will be some overlap in the brick and mortar and online stores section, since some stores have great online presence.  First though, I’d like to offer some words of caution, before I get into the very best stores to visit after the holiday shopping season.

Don’t Believe the Holiday Clearance Hype

You can find really good bargains, but you also might pay more.  Many stores will have holiday merchandise at savings of 60% off or more during the week of Christmas, only to price the exact same items at 50% off on December 26th.  If you are really looking for good deals, don’t get sucked into the hype and shop a little earlier this year.  Check the advertisements carefully and see if you can do even better on price before Christmas.

Words like ‘up to’ or ‘as much as’ are classic examples of puffing up the actual savings.  Save up to 90% off.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, there could be only a few items at super big discounts, with the bulk of the merchandise only priced at half off.  This is just something to keep in mind as you shop around for bargains at the holiday clearance sales in 2012.

Online Day After Christmas Clearance Sales

The following is the list of what I consider the best places to shop after Christmas for deals.  Keep in mind some of the stores will have great deals after other holidays, like Easter, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day.

WalMart:  WalMart is tricky to shop if you are set in old world sales mode.  While one store might very well offer a greater percentage off the merchandise, the exact same items, with a smaller percentage discount, could be much less at your local WalMart.  You generally won’t see the typical sales advertisements with gimmicky percent off sales.  Check out their online website and see what they have to offer this year.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of home to shop this way, which makes it a great option for anyone.

Amazon:  I have become much more impressed with Amazon in recent years.  They have become the online leader with good reason.  Amazon does a fantastic job of unloading unsold merchandise and allows outside seller to use their platform as well, giving you a great chance to snag up the best bargains you can imagine.  They are clearly among the very best places to shop no matter what type of merchandise you are looking to find.

Day After Christmas Sales – Brick and Mortar Retailers

Target:  If you want better quality than Kmart and Walmart, but you still want the good discounts on apparel, electronics, and seasonal items, you might want to try out Target stores.  They have good bargains, generally better than half off, on most holiday merchandise lines.  It’s a good place to do your shopping after the holiday.

WalMart:  You won’t find big percentages off, but lots of merchandise, even that which isn’t truly Christmas related, will be marked at prices that other stores cannot beat.  They are well-known to mark down toys a great deal, so if you are looking for toys for kids, you’ll have a great chance of finding a true bargain there.

Best Buy:  Best Buy might bungle their Black Friday sales, but when it comes to after Christmas clearance sales, they do a fantastic job.  This is due, at least in part, to the fact of electronic gadgets being really hot during the holidays as gifts.  If they overstocked, you can get super bargains, just by shopping after December 25th and into January.  Just about everyone likes electronics and you can still get the most popular ones on December 26th, so give it a shot and see what's out there.

Home Improvement Stores:  This might seem a bit off, but virtually all home improvement stores dabble in Christmas merchandise.  For the most part, they are not general merchandise retailers and they fully realize it.  This means they need to unload the merchandise quickly to make room for spring remodeling merchandise.  Now, the little lumber sale stores aren’t the place to go, but places like Lowes, Home Depot, and some others offer a unique way to save on artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, and decorations.

Merchandise Lines Prone to Steep Discounts

The plain and simple truth is that there are some product lines which are prone to being marked down after the holiday shopping season.

Electronics:  Electronic sales, especially electronic gadgets, spike for gift giving season.  You will find many of the neatest gadgets are still available at the stores, but are generally priced a lot lower.  This is probably the best time to shop for electronic gadgets of the entire year.

Christmas Merchandise:  Whether it’s ornaments, decorations, or artificial Christmas trees, you will find all kinds of good bargains as you shop around for items that are truly seasonal in nature.  You will find virtually all retailers offer big discounts on this type of merchandise.

Apparel:  Many stores have decided to take advantage of the frugal shoppers in their stores and take the time to discount their winter apparel a little early.  This also helps to make room for the spring apparel that needs to hit the shelves.

Day after Christmas clearance sales are truly a great way to shop and save a lot of money.