Anyone shopping for computers and electronics knows how expensive it can get, but I found the best deal ever on a HP laptop that was easy on my wallet.

After my old computer finally starting slowing down, I knew it was time to upgrade.  Not big on change, I had put this off for a while, I was still using Windows XP quite happily, but the hard drive was slowing down, and I was in danger of losing all my articles, pictures and more from my hard drive.

So, I decided it was time to go shopping and maybe this time I would get a laptop so as to be a bit more portable with my internet business.

I don't know if it was because I had not gone shopping for a long time for electronics, I mean, I do have a cell phone and I text my kids and friends each day,  and I have a good digital camera, so not a complete dinosaur when it comes to electronics, but I just couldn't get over the price tag associated with a decent laptop.

I personally like the HP brand, and my old desk top was one as well as my printer and scanner, so wanted to stick with a brand I knew.  Best Deal Ever On HP LaptopCredit: Amazon

I headed into my local electronics store, and got sticker shock when I saw price tags over 500 dollars (I am in Canada, so quoting Canadian dollars here).  I then headed to the city to the bigger box stores, and the same thing.  More to choose from but the price just kept getting higher.

The kid that served me (I swear he looked like he was 10 years old!) was going on about "gigs" and "ram" and "memory" and all other bells and whistles, that would probably take my life time to figure out, until I asked "what about the stuff already sitting on my computer, can you transfer it" I got a "maybe" and it would "have to be sent out" and of course this would be extra and that price tag just kept rising.

I use my computer to write articles, keep in touch with distant friends, and storing pictures.  I didn't need anything too complicated, but they kept trying to "upsell" me when I asked any questions.

Repair Shop - Out of frustration I headed over to the computer repair shop to see if they could simply keep my old dinosaur of a desktop computer going.  When I got in the store, I realized I was talking to someone who knew computers literally inside and out.

I told them my experience, and he then takes me to this shelf and said was it "this one" and I said "yes" and he had the same model for sale for 250 dollars less than the big box store sale price, and he would load all my pictures and articles from my old computer.

He had shelves full of "almost new" laptops that he had purchased, totally went over them and replaced parts and then put his own warranty on them.  He increased memory, and all those other bells and whistles I was told about.

He told me that he has access to models that have come back off lease.  Many larger companies will lease laptops for their employees, and since they need to keep up with the latest and greatest, they will lease newer ones and trade these ones in.  Sometimes they are less than a year old.

I managed to get the best deal ever on HP laptop at this computer repair shop.  He had totally gone over it, It was less than a year old, but he replaced parts and upgraded it, so it was actually better than new to me.

He is the one who did the work on it,  His store and service shop have been in the area a long time.  I told a couple of other friends who did the same thing and we are all happy.  I also like knowing that if anything went wrong, he would be there to fix it.  So, keeping my business local.

So, when you head out shopping for that HP laptop, consider everywhere.  Take the time to shop and compare prices.  Get an idea of the model you would like, and then you can compare apples with apples and get the best price.

You can also search online, as well as the big box electronic stores, but don't forget your local computer repair store.  It may just surprise you the deals you could get.  You may find that you could even simply upgrade the computer you own right now. 

By dealing with a local computer repair shop, you are talking right to the person who does the work.  He told me, that many people didn't realize that he sells computers as well. 

So, if you are looking for the best deal ever on a HP laptop, then add your local reputable computer repair shop to the list, they are not just repair!

HP Pavilion g6-2210us 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)
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(price as of Aug 18, 2013)
I absolutely love this brand.