New Kindle Fire HD 7

Where to get the cheapest price and best deal?

There are gadgets that are designed with readers in mind and the Kindle Fire HD is definitely one of those. If you are not old enough, you might start to think that books never existed and that Facebook is the only way to make friends. Well, welcome to the world of electronic appliance.

If you have been a client of Amazon for a while and you have been collecting the Kindle e-reader with each successive release; you know that the Fire in the new Kindle brought color andBest Deal on Kindle Fire 2012Credit: Amazon other interesting features to the device.  

Some addicts have even said that the Amazon appliance is the iPad Killer. When it comes to spending your money on any device, you will certainly want to get the best deal on your Kindle Fire HD.

The most affordable Kindle HD

How much does the Kindle Fire HD cost?

This is not the best kept secret on the internet and everyone knows that you can pick up yours for $200. To be exact, you can pick a 16 GB one up for as little as $199. That doesn’t make a lot of difference but it is still cheaper at $199, a 32GB memoy option is avaiable for $249.99.

If you want the bigger 8.9" screen, you are looking at just under $300 for the $299.99 Kindle fire HD 8.9".

The Kindle Fire HD is still relatively new which means you will not Best deal on kindle fire cheapest price 2012Credit: Amazonbe getting a discount anytime soon from the makers nor will you be seeing people selling used Kindle tablets on street corners, though the old Kindle Fires are now becoming available in larger numbers. If every online retailer is selling this cheap tablet for the same price, where should you go for the best deals?

A little bit of history will give you an idea of where the deals are. When the Kindle Fire was launched, it was so cheap everyone wanted one. Some even said it was the cheaper version of the iPad for poor people.

Why would Amazon sell such a great product for such an unbelievably low price? The answer lies in what you can do with the device. The best deals for the Kindle Fire comes with the cloud storage that you get from Amazon and the thousands of books and videos available for purchase.

At the moment, only used or refurbished Kindle Fire's will cost less than $199. Even in those situations, they will still be about $170.

The larger 8.9" Kindle HD with more memory

Kindle Fire Deals on Accessories

Kindle Fire Leather Case Cover Stand Marware on SaleCredit: AmazonThere are Kindle Fire deals like the leather cover by Marware and other makers with stand that you can purchase for $45.  Even if this Amazon tablet device is supposed to be carried with ease on your palm, there are times when you will want to place it on a desk and watch a movie or use it in the kitchen for your favorite cooking recipes. It is at times like this that you will understand the advantage of a leather cover with stand.

The best deal on the Kindle fire can also be seen if you want to JBuds J5 Earbuds Metal Headphones Best Kindle Fire Deals on AmazonCredit: Amazonhave a quiet moment surfing and listening to your favorite music. No matter how great the song might be, some people might not share your enthusiasm.  That is when you might need to invest in the JLab Headphones for the Kindle tablet. This is not the cheapest set of headphones out there but the Jbuds J5 will bring your colored Kindle to life with pristine sound.

Kindle Protection Plans

For peace of mind

2-Year Protection Plan plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire HD 8.9"
Amazon Price: $89.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 27, 2015)
When you have a hot product like the Amazon version of the iPad, you will want to protect it. If you have a little change left, you can choose one of the 2 Year Warranty and Accident Protection that can be purchased separately for $45. These Kindle Fire accessories will give you a complete tablet with peace of mind to enjoy your multimedia experience.