Decorating ideas: Hanging Egg Chair for Your Patio

If you are fortunate enough to have a patio, there is no doubt the patio is a place to unwind and to receive friends. There are those who decorate their patio with wicker furniture for that outdoor feel. Others opt to be more practical and buy plastic dinner set that can be easily cleaned and that will not fall apart if it gets wet. If you want to have fun in your patio, you can choose to buy hanging egg chair. This will be like having a hanging hammock chair. If you enjoy reading and surfing the internet whilst sitting in your patio, the hanging egg chair will make a great addition. It often provides protection against the sun a place to enjoy yourself.

That said, some hanging egg chairs need to be attached to the roof and that can be a problem if you don’t have a roof strong enough to hold your chair. If you don’t have a roof to which you can attach your egg chair, you can buy the standalone egg chairs that are mobile and can be used anywhere in your home, this will be great if you don’t have a patio but you have a balcony.

Designer hanging egg chair

With every great decorating idea comes a price tag. Hanging egg chair comes in different shape and style. For example, you can buy transparent hanging chair that will cost you over a thousand dollars like the Eero Aarnio bubble chair. There are cheap hanging egg chairs for sale but the trendy designer chairs don’t come cheap. You can purchase a transparent hanging egg chair for as little as $250 at Amazon. The more you are willing to pay the more expensive it will be.

Expensive hanging egg chair

There are very few people with enough money to spend on expensive furniture. Some will consider buying a hanging egg chair a luxury but that is only if you cannot afford it. If you are the big spender and you want to show that when it comes to comfort, you go all the way. There is the Andy Warhol Estate Acrylic Lounge chair that can be purchase at GoAntiques for $7000. That is a lot of money for a hanging egg chair but that is not all. This is the price of the used or second chair. Can you imagine how much it will cost to get this hanging bubble egg chair brand new?

There are great patio furniture decorating ideas like investing in a hanging egg chair. The most important thing is mixing good taste with a balanced budget.

What to look for when considering buying a hanging egg chair.

Size is an important thing to take into consideration. If you want to easily relax and enjoy your chair buying something that fits well should be considered(the bigger the better). Another thing that is very important with hanging egg chair is the cushions. If the cushions are not comfortable enough, you will have wasted your time and money (you can supplement with pillows it you need to).

Another important factor is how easy it will be to clean your purchased furniture. This is even more important if you have little children who are often prone to spreading whatever they eat all of the place. Finally, you need to consider how easy it will be to transport your furniture chair. The heavier the hanging chair, the more muscle it will take to shift it around. Your hanging chair can be used in your patio or if you have other decorating ideas like placing your chair in your bedroom. The best ideas are those that will make you comfortable and happy.