Did I ever tell you about how much I love to eat pizza? I could live on nothing but pizza for the rest of my life. Travel is a big part of my job, and I have seen most of the United States during the course of my career. When I get into a new place the first thing that I like to do is to hit the phone book and check out the local pizza places. One thing I have learned though, for consistent quality pizza, there is no substitute for Papa Johns and Dominos.

I am going to tell you now that by far the best pizza I have ever had come from the locally owned place that is only 2 blocks from my house. Independent pizza places can be unpredictable. I have really had some bad experiences at them, but then again, remember the place by my house. Most of the time I opt for a consistent taste that is predictable, so I go to either Papa Johns or Dominos.

Papa Johns Pizza Papa Johns pepperoni pizzaCredit: papajohns.com

Buying a Papa Johns pizza is more than just ordering one because you get the pepperoncini pepper and the tub of garlic butter. This may seem like I am talking about a small thing, but I look forward to dipping the crusts in the garlic butter and then eating the pepper after I am done with the pizza.

When ordering a Papa Johns pizza, make sure that you ask them what the special of the day is. They always have some kind of special going. Right now their special is any large pizza for $10. That has saved me quite a bit of money.

Papa has also jumped on the specialty pizza bandwagon with their BBQ chicken bacon pizza, the Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza, spinach alfredo pizza, or Tuscan 6-cheese pizza.

Papa Johns does make a large variety of crusts. I have had their think crusts, but didn't like it. I like their original crust with their original cheese. They have always used just real mozzarella cheeses with their very distinctive tasting sausage. Papa Johns tastes the same whether I am ordering one in Florida or Oregon.e

By far, Papa Johns is my favorite chain pizza restaurant.


Dominos has come a long way. they launched a huge advertising campaign a couple of years ago to announce that they were changing the recipe of their pizzas. They were not lying. If you haven't had a Dominos in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised because they are much tastier than they used to be.

Dominos has all kinds of specialty pizzas such as the BBQ chicken pizza, the Buffalo chicken pizza, the six cheese pizza, and etc. They also have a whole line of pizza that they call their feasts. The first feast is called the Extravanzza feast. This pizza has every kind of topping on it.

They also have hand tossed, deep dish, crunchy thin, or Brooklyn style crusts.

Dominos has also jumped on the bandwagon with always running a special. So you can count on a discount of some kind being offered every time you call.

I am not telling to avoid locally owned pizza restaurants because I have had some fantastic pizzas at them, but these two chain pizza restaurants offer great pizza for a reasonable price. The best thing about the chains is that you know what you are getting. There are not going to be any surprises when the pizza shows up.