The Top Three Discount Providers in Review

Maintaining healthy teeth is sometimes expensive, but you can soften the blow by selecting one of the best dental discount plans. In recent times, the popularity of discount programs has exploded, in part thanks to rising dental costs and weaker benefits from traditional insurance plans. Look to these top providers for benefits that can keep your teeth in good repair, without leaving your wallet singed.

How Dental Discount Plans Work

Before mentioning the top companies, it's worth reviewing how exactly dental discount policies work. Traditional dental insurance functions much like health insurance, where an individual policy or plan provided by an employer pays your benefits. You're responsible for a smaller portion of the cost, depending upon what benefits the insurance plan covers, and how much they are willing to pay for specific procedures.

Discount plans are different. These programs work by partnering with select dentists to do their work at a discounted rate. You pay a small fixed rate on a regular basis to remain a beneficiary. The average plan can save consumers from ten to sixty percent off dental procedures, both common and rare. Major restorative work, oral surgery, and examinations are usually covered at a cheaper rate.

The perks of discount plans don't stop there. Most providers have elaborate search tools and recommendations consumers can use to locate well regarded dentists in their network. With more people losing traditional dental insurance and new dentists who are hungry for work, discount plans are an innovative alternative, helping both patients and professionals achieve their goals and stay healthy.

Best Dental Discount Providers

Careington Dental Plans: Discount plans by Careington are easily among the best. This nationwide network gives members the benefits of choosing from among multiple dental professionals in their area. In the affordability column, Careington excels. A single individual can pick up a dental discount plan for under ten dollars per month, while an entire family can be covered for less than twenty dollars per month.

Ameriplan Dental: Meanwhile, Ameriplan stands out as one of the top discount plans available in the United States. Like Careington, their plans balance affordability with access to many participating providers quite well. Yet, Ameriplan goes an extra step by pairing their discount dental plans with other types of discounts.

By picking up specific Ameriplan discount options, you might end up getting discounts on vision and chiropractic services too. The company seems to be sizing up the insurance company by offering different plans for unique needs. Ameriplan has friends in good company, which is sometimes where discount plans struggle most. The entity is a member of the National Association of Dental Plans, which demonstrates their seriousness to improving dental health throughout the country.

Aetna Dental Access: Aetna's discount plan is a bit more expensive than those of competitors, but its association with a major health insurance provider is notable. Thanks to the Aetna brand, top dentists and oral surgeons are more likely to sign onto an affiliation with this discount program, and agree to steeper cost reductions. Signing up with them will cost you over $100 per year, but you gain access to over sixty thousand providers.

Aetna boasts discount reductions of 15-50% for most procedures. This places them squarely in the top tier of the best dental discount plans. If you choose Aetna and end up getting services at the high end of the discount spectrum, you may easily end up saving about as much as you would with a regular insurance policy.

Remember, discount plans aren't insurance, and they may not be right for everyone. However, persistent job scarcity and skyrocketing health care costs have made them an attractive way to safeguard your oral health, even without insurance. As more providers participate with them and discounts grow, it's possible that they could reinvent the way dental expenses are dealt with.

Don't put the health of teeth and gums on the line by taking your chances with no protection at all. Consider picking the best dental discount plans from these top three providers, whether you're a self-employed entrepreneur, or a retiree struggling to find dental coverage outside Medicare.

The Best Dental Discount Plans for Healthy Teeth