Looking for a good pair of diabetic slipper socks?  Extra wide slipper socks and diabetic house shoes are very good to own as they help keep your feet safe in the home while also encouraging healthy circulation in the feet.  As many diabetics face problems with peripheral neuropathy in the feet and peripheral artery disease, each as a result of diabetic complications, wearing these socks, slippers, and house shoes can become a vital part of the diabetics over all health maintenance program.

Best Diabetic Slipper Socks - Characteristics

Diabetic slipper socks are generally characterized by the material they are made with, the lack of seams, their rubberized soles for grip, and their foot openings which are non-elastic so as to promote better blood circulation in the feet.  House shoes tend to focus more on protecting the foot but slipper socks can be a good addition to any diabetic’s wardrobe.  You can usually buy diabetic slipper socks for men and for women in your local medical supply stores and specialty foot wear stores but one of the best places to buy these socks is Amazon as you tend to get more options and better prices on average.

Diabetic Slippers, Socks, & House Shoes To Buy

Seamless Diabetic Socks For Women Or Men

Seamless Moisture Control Diabetic SocksThe first line of defense for your feet are wearing proper diabetic socks at all times.  No matter if you are hitting the gym for a workout, going walking or hiking outside, or simply dressing for your day at the office wearing a good pair of seamless diabetic socks is very important to your overall foot care regimen.  Seams in cheap socks tend to create pressure points on the foot and when some people are insensitive to these pressure points or are prone to developing sores or blisters it is very important to eliminate the potential for harm to your feet.

Seamless diabetic socks are usually a bit more expensive than the cheap socks found at your local Target or Wal-Mart but the money you spend on them could be very important in keeping your feet healthy and your body mobile.  You can usually buy cheap diabetic seamless socks on Amazon fro very affordable prices albeit slightly more expensive than ordinary socks

Extra Wide Diabetic Slipper Socks

Widest Slipper Socks For Diabetics - Men & WomenAside from wearing good diabetic socks out of the house you really need to protect your feet at home.  You could stay in your normal socks and shoes however diabetics need to constantly check their feet for cuts, sore spots, and other types of wounds and the best way to do this is to have easy access.  In the home you could go barefoot but you can easily cut your feet or get old cuts infected if you are walking around with bare feet, diabetic slipper socks are one of the easiest ways to keep your feet protected but still have them accessible and comfortable.

As many diabetics have some foot deformities and many others simply have wide or swollen feet buying extra wide diabetic slipper socks can keep your feet most comfortable and can also help support healthy blood circulation which can aid in diabetic wound healing.  

Extra Wide White Crew Socks For DiabeticsThe main difference between diabetic socks and diabetic slipper socks is that the slipper socks usually have rubberized grippers on the sole of the sock which can aid in slip control.  With grippers you shouldn’t have to worry about slipping if you are walking around the house in your socks.  These grippers can be of high quality and low quality so remember; you get what you pay for.

Wide Diabetic Slippers

non-slip diabetic slipper socksCrescent Moon non-slip socksCredit: non-slip diabetic slipper socks are just one of a number of good slipper sock options for you to consider.  They are sold in a number of places but on Amazon they can be purchased in a three pack and the customer reviews are extremely high.  They also have a wide foot opening like a slipper which shouldn’t restrict blood flow and should be good for any diabetic.  If your feet are especially wide or irregularly shaped you may have to shop around for the best slipper sock for you.

Even though buying the best diabetic slipper socks may be all you really need for use around the home if you want to better protect your feet and have a few dollars more to spend you should probably consider buying extra wide diabetic slippers or house shoes to wear around the home.  These shoes and slippers may be a little more expensive but unlike even the best diabetic slipper socks they have a true sole which can guard the bottom of your foot against things on the ground that could cut you and they guard against stubbed toes unlike any kind of sock ever could.

When it comes to foot injuries sores, blisters, ulcers, and cuts are not the only things that can happen to you.  Stubbed toes can be a pain but when they result in cracked toenails or cracked toes the healing process can be very slow and painful due to circulatory problems.  Although stubbed toes don’t happen very often they do happen to almost everybody with some degree of regularity so guarding against this in the home should be very important.  You don’t want to scrimp on money only to stub a toe and crack a bone as a result because that bone may never heal correctly.

Of course you could buy and wear any kind of slipper or house shoe for use around the home but shoes designed for diabetics or for those with wide feet in general are best.  Normal slippers may be restrictive to circulation in those with poor blood flow in the feet and wide slippers may simply not provide enough protection for the toes and foot as needed.  The added cost of buying good diabetic shoes and socks for use around the house cannot be emphasized enough.

Other Types Of Diabetic Shoes

Orthofeet Diabetic Walkign ShoesYou should also make sure to buy the most important types of diabetic shoes for use outside of the home as well.  These are often easier to understand why they are needed but even still many people try to save money in all the wrong places.  It is vital that you stay active with diabetes and wearing the best shoes possible and the best diabetic slipper socks possible is the best way to ensure that you do indeed remain healthy and stable on your feet for many years to come.