So this year my wife and I had a baby. This expanded our family from three to four. It also was the time that our seven/eight year old was beginning the third grade. In case you didn’t know this already, there is a huge difference between 2nd grade and 3rd. The homework more than triples as subjects that you haven’t thought of in years begin to rear their ugly heads. Then come the projects. You know, the ones you did as a kid then grow up and realize it was actually your parents who did all the work while you sat around waiting to do anything but work on the project. I look back on those as fond memories…well, I did until my now eight year old shows up with a four page packet for the Science Fair project due in just a few weeks. A few weeks? Well, we had to factor in that she didn’t bring it home right away and then we peeled the mangled mass of papers from the inner rim of her locker. Anyway, now we have to do a science fair project.


Once we reviewed the packet we went online to get some ideas. How did we come up with them when we were kids and there was no internet? Heck, there were barely cds and microwaves. We throw out a bunch of ideas and let the eight year old decide. Since we just had a baby, she thought it was best to test which diapers would hold the most before leaking.


What We Tested


Three brands that we had experienced already were Luvs, Huggies, and Pampers, so we made those our test subjects. We (I) created a contraption that would hold all three diaper brands side by side, and we used baby bottles (I thought that was appropriate) to measure the liquid. We decided on using water, determining that some liquids would just not be good, and kids and food coloring could also be a bad mix.


These diapers have been around since 1961 and are manufactured by Proctor and Gamble. They have been known as a dependable band and are usually at the front of mind when thinking about babies and diapers. For a 48 pack of size 2 diapers the cost to the consumer is about $9.49. This is on the higher end of the diaper scale, but not the most expensive either.


This is also a trusted brand for many generations. They were invented in 1968 but weren’t perfected and sold until 1978. The company with the manufacturing rights is Kimberly-Clark and their 48 pack of size 2 diapers is the same as Pampers, coming in at around $9.49.


This brand did not kick off until 1976 when Proctor and Gamble began producing the line as a cheaper alternative to their Pampers. In order to corner the market on diapers they could now offer a high-end brand and a low-end brand. A 48 pack of Luvs, size 2 (of course) cost us about $7.47 making it the cheapest in the competition.


Who Won?

That must be the question on all new mother’s minds. Surprisingly the Luvs did a better job than the rest because they had higher sides which caused the liquid to be trapped inside. Their competitor’s walls were much smaller and although some even had bigger absorbing pads, could not withstand the pressure of the water and collapsed. Now, don’t be fooled, I know that pouring water on a diaper is not the only way to test which one is best, however for an eight year old in the third grade, we received all the info we needed. For the record the results were: 1stLuvs (holding 45 oz of water), 2nd – Pampers (41 oz.) and 3rd – Huggies (38 oz). That just goes to show you that price isn’t or shouldn’t always be a factor in deciding  the best product. To this day we still use Luvs in our family. After all, it’s the same crap, just a different day.